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"I Saw You" on a sports bike with a black helmet on

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Caught my eye at the red light

Our eyes met as we waited the red light at the Montgomery & Wyoming Intersection going East.

You: young male on a sports bike with a black helmet on. You were going East on Montgomery. You kept looking my way, flirty.

Me: youngish female in a white Sentra with my windows half down. I was turning North onto Wyoming. I may have been singing and dancing before noticing your gaze. Then I got the green arrow.

Shall we go for a ride together sometime? :)

Eddie the Lush?

At Ibiza a month ago, I heard the bartender call you Eddie the Lush ‘cause everyone kept buying you drinks. You native, biker with devil horns on your helmet. You stepped in when my ex would not leave me alone. I wanted to thank you, but you only said "that’s what I do." Tell me what item I was wearing that you complimented.

So sexy on your Tractor!

You were at Tractor's on August 9th at night and look like Anderson Cooper. You spilled that beer on that young girl and I wished it could have been me. You're so charming, in your forties, cute and nice. I wish we can meet for real soon. What about next Thursday, same time, same place ?

Pigeon Killer

You: bourgeois capitalist, me: random observer. I watched as you drove your late-model Volvo over an innocent pigeon while you had your eyes everywhere but the road. I bet you were on your way to the weekly meditation group to learn how to live in harmony with all the universe's creatures.

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