"I Saw You" napping near Holy Cow

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Chama Charmer

I talked to you at the "whine and cheese” festival in Chama. You said your name was Samantha I think. You named my dog "Coon." I should have gotten your number so you could hang out with my dog and hopefully her owner again … but the grape juice clouded my judgement.

Face Palm

Ah, you beautiful rocker babe. After finding your ID so you could enter the bar, you complained that you had no pockets because your pants were amazingly tight. I suggested you use the most useful pocket of all, your bra. You made my night, and after teasingly suggesting you might return later in the evening, I was left wanting. Wish I had asked for a way to contact you again. Shoot.

Cafe Istanbul 8/31

You were enjoying lunch with a friend. I didn't notice you at first, but when I did, I found you extremely attractive. I felt silly for turning to look so much. I wanted to say hello, but didn't want to interrupt your conversation. As I left you were standing outside chatting with your friend and I kindly passed by. Big mistake. Would love to meet you.

Sleeping Beauty

I saw you napping near Holy Cow. I wanted to provide you with a pillow and maybe a snuggle … but you appeared so peaceful and at ease. Let me be your Princess Charming. Pizza soon?