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The wait at the polls doesn’t look bad

Young Women United / Kirbie Platero

I was in line by 7:04 am at Jefferson Middle School, and there were at least 50 folks ahead of me. Thank goodness for the bake sale being held in the lobby: The scones held me over until it was my turn. When I left there, were slightly fewer people in line. It was great to see the diversity of voters who turned out early at this neighborhood polling station.

We’ve heard reports of differing waits at the polling locations. You can vote at any of the 69 convenience centers. The county clerk has a color-coded system that will show you what the wait will be like as you head in on your lunch hour. It’s looking pretty good around the city, with green 15-minute waits at most locations.

Or, try the clerk’s new app on your smartphone. Download it at Apple’s App Store or the Android Play Store for free. Just search for “BernCo,” “Bernalillo County” or “My Vote Center.” If you don’t have those services, you can get it right from the home page. There it’s called the Wait Time Feature for My Vote Center.

In our Election Guide, we summed up everything you need to know about voting today.

Public Comments (16)
  • Where's my fucking polling place?  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 12:55 PM ]

  • Anywhere in BernCo today  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 2:08 PM ]

    You can vote at any of the 69 polling locations. This map will show you how long the wait is at each.

  • JJ, that's fucking  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 4:53 PM ]


  • blogging sickness  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 8:45 PM ]

    At Montezuma Elementary there were 4 people printing ballots. After waiting nearly an hour, I got in front of one of those people. Instead of asking my name, she nervously apologized and asked me to wait a bit more. THen she hollered "I need a count!" When I asked her what that meant, she said that she needed to know how many people were in line so she could post the wait time on the website. "Seriously?" I asked, "you're going to extend my wait and the wait of the 60 people just outside the door for another 5 minutes so you can let the world know that the wait here just got 5 minutes longer?" And she did.

  • If you'd looked online beforehand  [ Thu Nov 8 2012 7:28 AM ]

    you could have seen where to go that didn't have a wait.

  • merry christmas!  [ Thu Nov 8 2012 9:18 PM ]

    And if I'd voted early I wouldn't have had to mess with the election day mess and if I moved to China I wouldn't have to vote at all and if I would just die I wouldn't have to worry about how or when to do anything. What's your point?

  • I didn't get to vote  [ Fri Nov 9 2012 1:29 AM ]

    Me and my ghost wife went to the normal voting place and it wasn't active. We raced home to look at the paper. There were five voting places for a city of roughly 90,000 citizens. Each had three printers. Bernalillo had four polling places at 1/10th the population, though heavily democrat. I planned ahead and expected to vote in 30 minutes. The store had to open, so I left my place in line after awhile. I went back at 3:00 and then 6:00, after work. My friend waited until 10:00pm and gave up.

    Democrat machine got to the county clerk as she went out the door; probably bribed her (consider the Bahamas). That's the way things happen here in New Mexico. Rio Rancho is a strong Conservative area and they targeted us. What they don't know is that we will retaliate. I understand that corruption will exist in certain enclaves in democrat controlled little towns up north, but when they go right after us in the heart-land, that starts a war. The political cycle is longer than four years. I promise that your duly elected dems will receive abuse and not a bit of cooperation in the years to come. When you poison wells....



  • Rio Rancho was a disaster  [ Fri Nov 9 2012 2:21 PM ]

    I'm sorry you didn't get to vote. They owe it to citizens to figure out what went wrong and make it work efficiently next year.

  • Your anger is justified!  [ Fri Nov 9 2012 4:07 PM ]

    That's totally effed up when people don't get to vote. You got screwed big time, Mike. I feel for ya and all the others who got wronged. It's unacceptable for any location in the US not to have the proper infrastructure for its citizens to cast a ballot. Period.

    It's natural to want to blame the other side for a conspiracy though it's not productive. Either way, let's get to the bottom of it, find some accountability and do what we can to make sure it doesn't happen again.

  • Watch out  [ Fri Nov 9 2012 7:01 PM ]

    We know exactly what happened, Marisa and Pleiades. There is no need for an investigation. I charge both of you with partisan disengenuous excuses. Don't tell me we'll fix it next time. That's insulting. Count on me and my band to go after the partisans who did this.

  • Huh.  [ Mon Nov 12 2012 8:22 AM ]

    I didn't make any excuses. You're in a band?

  • Is non-contrite a real word?  [ Sat Nov 17 2012 11:15 PM ]

    Marisa, you "excused" their performance during this election cycle. Your only admonition was to try to fix it next time. Pardon me for not feeling all warm/fuzzy for this un-contrite admission of a cluster-f### General Election.

    I'm not in a band, though I was a professional musician when I wus young n' pretty. The drummer didn't wear a shirt, so you can imagine the nature of the band. Think Freebird.



  • miniscule inept left-wing conspiracy  [ Sun Nov 18 2012 9:53 PM ]

    Doesn't it take an hourandahalf to drive in or out of Rio Rancho? Why should voting there be any different?

    Just to be clear, Montezuma Elementary, where I waited an hour, is between UNM and Whole Foods -- I hope I can count on you to go after the partisans who did that too...

    You're pretty hard on Marisa. I think you overestimate the Alibi's influence in Sandoval County politcs. Try to find that warm/fuzzy feeling again.

  • It's true  [ Mon Nov 19 2012 10:26 AM ]

    that I don't take personal responsibility for the long wait at the polls in Rio Rancho. But I posit that the most practical steps following the debacle include: Figuring out what went wrong, making a plan so that it never happens again.

    There were some waits in Albuquerque, but if folks used the online tools available, there didn't have to be. While some polling sites had an hour or 90-minute wait, others just blocks away had a 5-minute wait.

    I waited in line three minutes when I voted early. Getting it done in advance is another easy solution to avoiding lines, though one that voters shouldn't have to take out of fear that they may not get to vote if they wait until Election Day.

  • Whatever could have gone wrong?  [ Tue Nov 20 2012 7:54 PM ]

    How about going back to the precinct system that worked perfectly well for the last 100 years?

    And fuck your fucking early voting and online tools. I don't have a goddam smartfone attached to my face to check who's taken a shit on facebook every 10 minutes. Not everyone checks online before undertaking routine tasks.

    Sure, I already knew who I was going to vote for for President in April, but this was a long ballot and I think it's important to wait for all the info on the lesser offices and bonds and constitutional amendments -- and that means waiting til Election Day.

    Early voting was introduced as an alternative to absentee ballots -- if you could not vote on Election Day. Don't try to turn that around and tell me I'm a dumbass for voting on Election Day.

    Still warm and fuzzy about the Alibi's coverage :)

  • Armistice Day early voting anachronism  [ Tue Nov 20 2012 11:05 PM ]

    Voting on Election Day is a tradition. Wasn't it called Armistice Day way back when? It's been decades since I learned something new and longer since I forgot everything.

    Marisa, I don't hold you responsible for Sandoval County political shenanigans but I do hold you responsible for your words written in your response to my complaint.

    PB, good attitude.



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