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QB-17 Flying Fortress Drones over New Mexico 1946
QB-17 Flying Fortress Drones over New Mexico 1946

If you refuse to vote for a candidate that supports endless war, the 2012 presidential election is irrelevant to you. If you refuse to vote for someone who's in favor of mass incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders, this election is irrelevant to you. If you refuse to vote for someone who has proven time and again that they will put profit before people, banks before families, business before human dignity, this election is irrelevant to you.

Sure, you could vote third party. But that third party candidate is not going to win. Obama is. Having out-raised Romney and being the incumbent, it was good as done before it even began. Not that it matters.

Because whether the next president is donkey or elephant, children will still be slaughtered by American bombs in Yemen and Pakistan. Children will still be cut down by American guns in the streets of Mexico. Palestinian children will continue living under United States-backed apartheid and Saudi children will still wake up every day as subjects of a dictatorship.

And American children? American children, regardless of who wins, will still grow up under the most odious surveillance state in history. They will still inherit a country more likely to throw them in jail than any other country, or government, in the world. Tomorrow, we will still have heavily-armed private contractors in Iraq, troops in Afghanistan (until at least 2024), CIA in Syria and drones in no less than six countries.

No matter how you look at it, both candidates would pursue sociopathic policies and do extreme damage to the planet and the people living on it. The only good thing to be said about this election? It's almost over.

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  • Andy, I hear you  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 2:44 PM ]

    but as I keep telling folks, this election is not just about the president.

    Today, Burqueños are voting on whether to raise the minimum wage.

    They're voting on amendments that could straighten out the PRC.

    They're voting on whether to pull the Public Defender's Office out from under the guv's control.

    They're voting on spending $50 million to rebuild Paseo and I-25.

    And they're voting on important local offices, like DA, County Commission, County Treasurer and Public Regulation Commission.

    Last edited [11/6/12 2:45 PM]
  • More important votes nationwide  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 3:46 PM ]

    Absolutely right, Marisa. I didn't mean to imply in my post that just because the presidential race is a joke, there's never a reason to vote.

    In fact, there are important battles going on in voting booths around the country as I write this. Washington, Colorado and Oregon have a chance to outright legalize pot (yes, for recreational use) while Arkansas and Massachusetts is considering good old-fashioned medical marijuana.

    Massachusetts is also voting on (yikes!) assisted suicide.

    Gay marriage bills are popping up everywhere as the struggle for equality rolls on, with four states considering the question.

    And it's exciting times in California as the death penalty and GMO labeling are both up for votes.

    So I didn't mean to say "don't vote." I just meant "don't bother voting for Obama or Romney." As Marisa points out, there's lots of critical issues in the air in New Mexico. And for our readers in less New-Mexico-y places, you've still got a couple hours to decide the fate of some important stuff.

  • Win 2024  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 5:57 PM ]

    If you refuse to vote for [crap] this election is irrelevant to you.

    The next presidential race will be irrelevant too, if you don't vote against crap in this one. That's what keeps this one from being irrelevant. Wouldn't you like to see, in 2016, the first serious presidential debate in your lifetime? (No, 1992 doesn't count, but use it as a point of reference if you like. It's the closest thing most of us have.) I'm not saying you can have it, but today is your best chance.

    If you can do that, then after you spoil the 2016 election and get the worst president ever inaugurated in January 2017 (if you can't make a sacrifice, then you're unfit to play the game of thrones, wimp!) you will have a credible threat with which to terrorize the party(s) controlling Santa Fe, and demand NM switch to approval voting for 2020 in order to protect against spoilage.

    Then you lose the 2020 election but by only about 15% or so, and suddenly people see they can have whatever president they want.

    In 2022 and 2024 you fuck the Republicrats bloody.

    Don't start writing their historical footnote yet, though, if you can't get 5% in 2012. We're not going to have to put it off until 2028 are we?

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