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Buy locally made goods online

Thanks to cottage industry supersite Etsy, you can buy holiday gifts made by people in your city. Amy Dalness outlines her favorite items in this week’s feature: Etsy-Querque. She also lists great local businesses with rad gift options. Keep the cash circulating in our stretch of desert.

And hey, did you know one of the Etsy founders is a Burqueño?

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  • Wow! Thanks!  [ Fri Nov 16 2012 12:08 PM ]

    To my favorite local rag: Imagine my delight and suspicion when I crept to my computer in a post-surgical haze to check it out and let all my friends and relations know I'm ok. Of course, first thing I do is check out my Etsy shop, and there was a communication from a fellow crafty burqueno congratulating me on my mention in The Alibi, and by the way, how did I get that? I don't know! But thanks! Yes, I think it's real!

    Mia Noren, proprietor of Bull's Eye Mercantile

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  • Thank you!  [ Sun Nov 18 2012 9:49 PM ]

    Thank you Alibi for featuring my Etsy store as well as all the other great local stores in your holiday gift guide. It was a wonderful surprise.

    Thanks again!


    You can find me at:

    Mon Amie Paperie

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