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Yay Mayor Berry!  [ Mon Jul 2 2012 3:53 PM ]

Thank you for continuing to the support for a grocery store for downtown.

Justification for using EO  [ Thu Jun 28 2012 2:08 PM ]

IOW,Everyone has the right to argue whether a leader was justified in using EO, whether you agree with the leaders position. But I don't see lying, stealing or ignoring the law happening in this circumstance.

Piss Poor Argument  [ Thu Jun 28 2012 1:55 PM ]

How does Obama using EO to protect the young in this country equate to

Is this what Mr. Ortiz y Pino teaches his children, his grandchildren, that anything you do is okay - lie, steal, ignore the law, whatever - as long as the ends are justified?

I'm inspired!  [ Thu Apr 19 2012 4:57 PM ]

Kudos for your awesome efforts and thanks for sharing.

Those scraps were made for cookin'  [ Fri Mar 23 2012 2:58 PM ]

Whatever happened to not wasting any part of the animal? Scraps in soups cook down to make it delicious! The ammonia gas is used in factories so we don't die of disease due mass processing of meat.

That said, consumers have every right to know what is going into their food and the option not to buy it.

Regarding fat,  [ Fri Mar 23 2012 2:53 PM ]

ground beef before it altered is pretty lean (unless you're grinding nicer cuts that contain fat, which is not the case with mainstream hamburger) Ground beef is not all that palatable in its unaltered form. You don't really want to eat it hamburger style without adding some fat of some sort (or in this case pink slime filler with lots of marrow flavor).

Lean meat is for the birds!

Fat filler is also chemically treated  [ Fri Mar 23 2012 2:43 PM ]

if it wasn't there would be tons more ecoli poisoning. Cows are covered in their own crap and have to be "doused" if you will before consumption.

and the camera work  [ Wed Feb 15 2012 5:15 PM ]

Loved the shot from inside the car in the parking garage.

Drive  [ Wed Feb 15 2012 5:10 PM ]

Very good movie. It's not what I expected. I didn't read Devin's review/preview because I like to be surprised. I saw he recommended it and jumped in head first.

Although it's intense it's a slow burn intense, not action packed intense. Ryan Gosling has mad skills. Such a smooth and subtle actor. (really loved him in Crazy Stupid Love as well)

Soundtrack is also awesome. Along with the styling of the credits. I know, right?

I just learned the director is Danish. And am not surprised. The Danish totally kick as at making movies.

Butt implants  [ Wed Feb 15 2012 4:58 PM ]

I want them.

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