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What is important for a good discussion?  [ Thu Apr 23 2009 6:22 AM ]

Sorry I have to disagree Racegirl. I have never seen anything in one post by CT/TT on any board where there was anything that I could take from it and comment further on. And that is what a discussion board is all about. If one is just going to "agenda post," then they need to go to Word Press and start their own blog and then they can say whatever is on their mind over and over again. It is misplaced on a discussion board. And it did enter into why Mark closed his board.

Personally I have enjoyed very much what the people of Strong City have to say here. It may appear sometimes like I am against them. But actually I would like to try and understand them better and maybe by trying to share some dialog with them I might be able to do that.

I am a firm believer that people have a right to their own religion. It does not bother me in the least that Wayne has had all these women. Truthfully it is rather fascinating. What is it about him that the women take to? Is he that kind and benevolent that they even ignore some Biblical scripture to be with him.

I guess Maren that is what has drawn me to this case, to answer your question. It began perhaps as a Sociology project (formerly my major in college) and this group is fascinating on so many levels. In addition the legal aspects, right through a possible appeal have me hooked and my interest remains very high. I was disappointed when Mark closed his board, but the opportunity to discuss this with those actually living on the Land has been even better.

I hope they will return and the good quality discussion can continue!

I also wish I understood why this comment board sometimes does not seem to accept post?

TnJ also TruthandJustice

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