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Promised deliverance.  [ Fri May 8 2009 3:30 PM ]

"My timeline ended Oct. 31 of last year," Jeff says. "I’m just waiting now for the deliverance time that we’re in to manifest itself. I expect a miraculous deliverance.”

If those of Strong City and Mr WayBent truly believe in some miraculous deliverance, then why the heck are they going through all this trouble, time and effort trying to get Bent out of prison?

God can open the prison doors to let him out as he makes this miraculous deliverance.

And those closest to Bentman moved closer to the prison seems a little odd if that miraclous deliverance is just around the corner!

Does it mean those who aren't gathered close to Mr WayBent won't be able to be delivered along with him? And what about those who believe but don't live close to SC...What about people like Milton who is here in Oregon?

Does he get to be delivered and taken away as well, like some secret rapture?

And why go through all this trouble building another case if you're going to be leaving planet earth anyway?

An appeal takes years to get finalized. So why bother, if you truly believe in this miraclulous deliverance?

And if this hasn't happened, lets say 2 years from now, will you still believe the same things?

Or perhaps you all don't truly beleive there will be a celestial rescuing!

THATS the way it looks to those outside SC!

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Good-bye Cruel world...  [ Wed Apr 29 2009 11:57 AM ]

The recent writings coming from the LORites is rather disconcerning with claiming they WILL be delivered, is immanant and sure.

Writing about not wanting to live in this world a day longer.

They have gathered closer to Bents prison.

Will Bent be successful in convincing them that his way is right no matter what the consequences may be? He twist scripture to mean what he wants it to read.

One can make the bible say what ever one wants if you glean scriptures here and there, take out of context.

Bent claims he wants to take his flock out of this earth along with him.

I believe he will.

These people insisted on having a god amongst themselves and God allowed it because they demanded this. Only it is NOT anything holy like they think.

May God have mercy on their souls because they KNOW what they do!

Mother Swine!  [ Thu Apr 23 2009 1:04 AM ]

Isn't it crazy that Bent claimed his perfect seed "must" be in them in order to gain salvation. He had a vasectomy ages ago. And how about the men?!

So what perfect "seed" is he referring to?

Can you imagine a huge clan of these Bent children!

I worry about STD's as well. Now that's down right scary!

Nothing coming from Strong City speaks of love and caring.

Instead they spew out rage and hatred towards anyone who does NOT believe that Bent is god!

How many years has Wendy Bent shunned her own mother only because she won't embrace Bent as god.

Will Wendy let her mother go to her grave greiving when should have joy?

How many years has it been Wendy since you loved your mother, or do you consider her only a swine as the rest of us?

What a sickening and sad legacy these people leave behind them.

Lets just hope and pray they will be open to Gods leading them and NOT continue as they are.

If they do, will only lead to destruction and ruin as did all other cults who went off the beaten path and had sex with everyone,

especially the leaders of these groups. Is satans "signature"!

Cultured vs Precious Pearls  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 1:28 PM ]

The "pearls or fruits" of the LOR is nothing but devastation, broken marriages/families ruined and very unhappy followers

who look, act and talk of there very unhappy lives waiting for a deliverance that will NEVER come!

EVERYONE can see this except themselves.

Tragically a few members died believing Bent healed illnesses/cancers.

Ask sad families how "healed" these dead people are!

LORites claim was spiritual healings not physical, have answers for everything, doesn't square w/ Scripture!

Wendy Bent elderly dying mom broken hearted by years of shunning because she doesn't embrace belief that Bent is god. .

One wonders if Johnny & Lillian divorce is @ Bents direction, retaliation/punishment for leaving SC after

realizing wrong, Bents teachings became sexual, stopped squaring w/ scripture.

THIS is LOVE? THIS is A Pearl of great price?

An oyster force fed ANY grain of sand, tossed back, left alone will make a pearl.

But only produces a cheap cultured pearl!

No matter how hard the oyster tries, no matter how hard it toils and festers the pearl produced will NEVER BE a genuine rare and precious pearl!

Ceiling buggers...eeee​ek!  [ Thu May 7 2009 1:06 PM ]

Buggers of all buggers! [ Thu May 7 2009 1:04 PM ]

After 21 yrs of Elder Box beetle invasion, you'd think I'd learned to put up with them.

During late fall they find ways into our home, attracted to cedar siding, our home at forest edge.

Perfect combo for obnoxious but benign "bugs".

Their under-wings bright orange-red color warns birds= noxious tasting.

In middle of cold winters night, attracted to warmth they drop down

right onto exposed parts, usually faces or heads, then

creepy crawl tickling enough to wake one from a slumbering coma!

I HATE these bugs! Joys of living gloomy cold Pacific NW.

So unlike our home= rural San Diego always warm & sunny!

Bugs THERE didn't drop down at night.

They slither & hide, strike your hand if U cross them, not always warn w/ rattles.

Scorpions have cute curled tails.

Small Black widow spiders & a few large hand sized, Tarantulas.

One reminded me= scary movie "Beast five fingers" as it crawled up our driveway.

Our area here has no poisonous spiders or snakes.

So when Box Beatles wake me, I just grab a tissue, do away with them!

There's just something too creepy bout a bug tickling your face in the dark of a cold winters night when snuggled deep into down all nice warm!

kkeping score.  [ Wed Apr 22 2009 12:06 AM ]

What about the disabled children or those with ADD and ADHD?

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