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Why isn't this guy in prison?  [ Wed Jul 27 2011 3:04 PM ]

He committed treason and that's no by my standards, that's by George H. W. Bush's standards! So why is he walking around free and fund raising no less, instead of trading his cigarettes for his safety?

mmmm...mmm...m​mmmmmmm  [ Tue Jan 4 2011 4:53 PM ]

I don't think they're "plus sized"...maybe by Hollywood and the fashion industry's standards, but they look good to me!

Don't bother with Porky's Pride  [ Tue May 18 2010 1:19 PM ]

Well from my first experience there, I can't recommend the place. As a lover of great BBQ, I was excited when KOB TV offered 2 - $25 gift certs from this place which is somewhat in the vicinity of my office. When purchased, nothing was said about not being able to use it for carryout. I was told that only after I ordered. When I complained to the manager I was told "It's not our fault", to which I replied "Well it certainly isn't MY fault", They said "No, it's KOB's fault". I don't care whose fault it is, it's their business and their responsibility to make it right with the, me!

The meal was alright. The sausage link was below average, but the pulled pork was okay, the brisket was pretty good, as were the triple baked beans. Didn't care for the mac salad. I'd gone with their recommendations on the sides.

Then came time to check out and I was told, I'd receive no change or store credit on my $25 gift cert, for what was a $13 meal.

If the idea of the gift certs was to draw people in to get them to try the place, it's a good one. However such a poor experience will NOT have them coming back, especially for just average food. I'll go to places that might not have the absolute best food if the service is good and the people are friendly. Once I use my last gift cert though, I WON'T be back to Porky's Pride. With all the choices around town with great food and great service, why bother with one that one that doesn't have either?

Last edited [5/18/10 1:22 PM]
RE: Illusions of Liberalism  [ Tue May 4 2010 7:57 PM ]

Sorry, but you're either blissfully ignorant or blatantly untruthful. Everyone knows that the Nazi's weren't socialists, despite the name. Any more than G.W. Bush's "Clean Skies Act" had anything to do with making the skies cleaner. The Nazis were facists, a HARD right philosophy that seeks to govern with corporatist values. They believe that a country requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.

And if you want to talk about a Ponzi scheme, the Bush tax cuts filtered massive amounts of wealth from the middle-class to the upper .5%! That's pretty much the definition of a Ponzi scheme! The income of the top 400 families TRIPLED over the last 10 years, while income for the middle class actually declined for the first time since WWII! There's your Ponzi scheme!

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