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It Just Occurred To Me  [ Fri Oct 12 2012 12:34 AM ]

I didn't properly convey my message to tie into the original topic.

First off, racism is a very strong word, that's a word you better use only if you're willing to chase someone into the middle of town with a torch and stone them to death. People are very defensive when they hear that word.

Cultural Appropriation and White Privilege are definitely things to consider here, however. These are not pedestrian concepts, and a lot of people don't understand the larger repercussions of such things and how it affects them.

Many of Burquenos are seeing themselves and are so happy to see it, that they pay no mind where the attention comes from.

This is more a reflection on the Albuquerque culture than it is Lynette.

Every Time I Look Around This Place I See Them Scream But I Hear No Sound,


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Before Guns Are Pulled Out In This Piece....  [ Thu Oct 11 2012 7:18 PM ]

Sh*t Girls Say On Their Periods: 3 Million Views.

Sh*t Black Guys Say: 2 Million Views.

Sh*t Single Girls Say: 7 Million Views.

We need to remember this is meme culture. Meme culture evolved out of wanting to see ourselves. In print, in pictures, and in videos.

We see it flooded everyday on reddit, facebook, ect. Pictures, quotes, videos all reinforcing our own vision of ourselves both visually and ideologically. Like Narcissus staring into his own reflection.

This is how Burquenos see themselves and WANT to see themselves, of course they are going to defend it.

We are at a point in culture where we do not question or forward who we are but rather celebrate what already is and assert that instead. We are in a stagnant place in time.

Back To My Beverage,


The Death Penalty Doesn't Kill People, I Do.  [ Fri Mar 20 2009 8:55 AM ]

Great. I'm sure there will be some serial killers, mass murderers, and child rapists/torturers/killers who are breathing a big sigh of relief tonight.

Don't forget the terrorists, and the satanists, the French, the Canadians, Darth Vader, the Boogeyman and Bowser from Super Mario Brothers.

We're all having a party tonight at my place.

Not biting on the Obama/George W. debate, I already have indigestion. Oh Mylanta!

Also, I want jerry to be my Psychic Friend...  [ Fri Mar 20 2009 8:19 AM ]

that is all.

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LoLCats Aren't As Cute On Hard Copy. :(  [ Fri Mar 20 2009 8:12 AM ]

Why can't we all be robots already, constantly connected to teh internets?!


Good Post. I freaking loooovveee that comic! It's funny you wouldn't think it would be the old farts who refuse to change technology that would be holding us back. Sad.

I say we make the most of it...chain letters haven't broken into the fax world, I say we start.

...sorry you cleared the tray! fax this to every1 u kno or u will have bad luck 4 7 years this is not fake this is real i found my true love this way.

Funky, Functional, Free-Sprited Fanny Packs!  [ Sun Mar 15 2009 6:59 PM ]

They put a bulge where many sane people fight to keep bulges off of and make you look like a retired tourist fresh out of a Winnebago or a mental defective who's lost his way.

I'm in.

You know that person wearing a fanny pack rollerblading in the park to C+C Music Factory waving at people in their fingerless gloves?

Look closer... it's me,


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My Vote For Most Thought Provoking Comment Goes To....  [ Sat Mar 14 2009 12:51 PM ]

Marisa, btw. I like the idea of new culture emerging out of the obliteration of this one.

@Simon...I get what your saying man. A little check never hurt anyone, and I'm throwing respect on that. I like that not only is Britney crazy, but seems to think everyone is dumber than she is. That's what gets me about her, in interviews and docs she seriously thinks "no one will know I never answered that question" or "everyone will think this nude body stocking with rhinestones on it is really my naked body with diamonds if I say it's movie magic y'all!" (this...really happened and actually disturbed me).

@worlds-I can get behind the Friday movies but not any of that "Are We There Yet?" mess (maybe I will when I have chirrins) this point I'm building a shrine to Ice T. I mean maybe it's a little lame he plays a cop (not really) but he's married to that Coco and parades her and her gloriously huge tatas and booty around in two band aids and a thong...his whole life is a rap music video!

I wish my life was a rap video!

Well sometimes it is,


Last edited [3/14/09 12:54 PM]
Hipster Shoe Dilemmas...  [ Sat Mar 14 2009 10:17 AM ]

You know someone pointed out my chucks last year and called them "Ellen Degeneres Shoes" because she wears them all the time, and I am spreading that. It takes some of the stink off wearing them. I like my Ellen Degeneres shoes, they're comfortable.

@jerry- I feel you on the moonshoes thing. Hideous, my friend...

@worlds apart- Jeez, agreed on the bike messengers thing. You think I'd be afraid to boldly look like an ass by having that avatar, but I am NOT AFRAID!! I never said I was clean. No one is clean, everyone is dirty.

I just want people to stop fussing over whether or not they might accidentally do, wear, or say something "cool" and be labeled some kind of a "sellout" or "hipster". Who cares? I know your really respected by people who are real and don't want to lose that....but c'mon! So many people walk around with this false sense of authenticity and it makes them annoying.

We all think that we are going to be cool forever, but look at Ice Cube now... NWA to family movies...dang man! We are all selling out, might as well do what we want.

(except me)

(I have cool on cruise control)

(off to Urban Outfitters)



Are You Cleaning Out Your Hard Drive?  [ Sat Mar 14 2009 2:50 AM ]

Because this article is at least a year too late.

It's not anyone's problem you feel guilty wearing chucks, it's called getting old and we're all doing it! Who gives a crap what the sheeple are doing, they are young and stupid and under a respectably elaborate corporate spell that a blog, or like the 200 blogs that came before it, and supporting damning evidence can't fix.

Waiting for a movement you can really get behind is harder than looking for someone you'd marry... at least one of them gives you sex. Every 3 years someone blames the death of culture on something...wasn't it Britney Spears Or Paris Hilton last time? I think you and your pure, untarnished, un-corpratized soul needs to get over it!

Now you kids get off my lawn!

When I hear the word "counter-culture" I reach for my revolver,


Yes!!! Amazing And Refreshing P.O.V. !! :P  [ Sat Mar 14 2009 3:25 AM ]

My mother was imprisoned for a crime she committed when I was a young girl, I remember her very wiry frame gaining weight on nutrition from prison. What's more interesting is that inmates get more amenities than many people imagine! I agree nutrition is a privilege and that tasty, even everyday bearable meals are a privilege and should be treated as such!

I love that you posted a recipe! Now we can all taste a bit of incarceration....that is hilarious!!

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