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Niave Sammie  [ Mon Sep 13 2010 5:01 PM ]

Sammie....fer real???...makes me ill...after talkin 'bout smushin with Ogre Ronny....ur still gonna ask..."can we"....really???...insecure much??? WTFE!!!...u didn't kick JWow's was hardly a fight....u didn't do shit ta, u shouldn't even have wanted to...u should've been thankin her an Snooks'!!! ...They had ur backs even if it was in a note!!! ur dumb ass stayed with having ta tell ur man u think u look hot an ask his opinion should be 'nuff said 'bout ur man...ogre, neandrethal that he!!...tha fact u took up with Angelina even knowin what a skank, white trash, shit talker she is says to America what kinda dumb bitch u truly ta tha rest of tha women on tha cast...Angelina is an UGLY, shit talking, ta look good at other people's Vinny fucked ur ass ta let u know u was missin out on a HUGE probably won't let ya see it again...just ta see ur ass go through withdrawls...hahahaha!!!!...Ronny makes me vomit in my mouth!!!...Boy u know tha difference between right an wrong...straighten tha fuck up!!!...An...u ain't that good lookin, it's tha body an all tha stupid shit ya do while ur ass is drunk that keeps ya on over urself...cause in tha's all 'bout how u treated ur family...

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