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Come and get your soft shell crap...  [ Sat Nov 8 2008 1:04 PM ]

Dear copy editor,

This restaurant sounded entirely appetizing until I read the 5th paragraph, when Maren went into detail about her appetizer:

"Deep-fried soft-shell crap came chopped into bite-size hunks atop paper-thin cucumber slices." That sentence about did it for me, especially when followed up with:

"Crisp on the outside with firm meat inside, it was mostly delicious (with the exception of one or two fishy bites)."

I about rolled out of my chair with laughter and disgust. My friend, please be more careful when editing these stories, especially when it comes to food reviews. Such an unfortunate typo left this reader with, for lack of a better phrase, a bad taste in her mouth. I hope it doesn't cost the otherwise lovely-sounding restaurant any business.

Thanks for your consideration,

Repulsed reader

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