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Gone Belly-Up  [ Tue Sep 2 2008 9:43 AM ]

Rode by Labor Day Weekend and no more Hot Diggity.

Tum tum ta tum ...

Recession Tomato Soup  [ Fri Aug 29 2008 8:25 PM ]

You're forgetting the classic: get a cup of hot water and squeeze into it several ketchup portion paks. Add a dash of Worcestershire or A-1 if they're around, but try to avoid making a Bloody Mary.

Things Change  [ Wed Aug 27 2008 10:02 AM ]

Went there recently, partly because of the review (now eight months+ old, so I'm not holding anything against anybody) and partly because I liked the look of the place. But the crust was ordinary, the sauce was ordinary, the toppings were ordinary. Disappointing, and really no reason to go back.

Oh, well.....

Screwed  [ Sun Aug 24 2008 4:58 PM ]

Went to O'Niell's today. Hot and thirsty. Wanted a beer. Asked if they had a Sunday Happy Hour. Was assured that they did, from 4 to 7. It was, happily, 4:01. Asked if they had Guinness on tap. Was told they did. Ordered one. The tab was 5.35. This is a happy hour price? No, the happy hour prices apply only to well drinks and three beers. Thanks so much.

What's so short-sighted about this is that I'll never go back, and the loss to the owner will be much greater than if the server had acknowledged the misunderstanding and applied the lower price. Instead, to hell with them.

And if he's wondering why Kelly's is always packed and O'Niell's isn't .....

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