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From A Former Classmate...  [ Fri Jul 9 2010 8:32 AM ]

I met Greg his senior year of high school in Virginia. He had just transferred from overseas and wanted to spend his senior year in an American high school. So going into his senior year, Greg knew nobody. That'a s tough situation for any 17-year old.

I had a pretty tight circle of friends and we weren't the type to let new people in easily. But Greg, as many have realized, made friends pretty quickly and soon he was part of our group.

I always laughed whenever Greg was around; the guy was ballsy and would do or say anything. He walked up to one of the better looking girls in our senior class and asked her to prom (she said no; her loss) but he didn't care. He went to beach week with us as well and we had a blast. After college, we kept in semi-sporadic touch. I made a vist out to Albuquerque one weekend and we had a blast. He had emailed me months before his tragic accident and we made plans to see each other at a friend's wedding back East.

Sadly, I did made a trip back to Albuquerque - for his funeral. But seeing all of the people there and of the lives Greg and his wife Lauda impacted leads me to believe Greg lived a very full, very rich life even though he was taken away young.

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