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Davros:  [ Fri Jul 27 2007 11:25 AM ]

I think it has something to do with the size of Dylan's head (huge!) in proportion to his body (tiny!). That's always been my feeling anyway.

At this point ...  [ Tue Jul 3 2007 12:04 PM ]

no one should be surprised if this criminal pardons a criminal. (Jesus is guiding all his actions, anyway.)

no one should be surprised ...  [ Fri Jun 29 2007 2:38 PM ]

if it iFlops. This level of hype has to be overblown.

I tried reading Dianetics once ...  [ Wed Jun 27 2007 3:57 PM ]

... it was deeply unpleasant/nonsensical.

My ass ...  [ Tue Jun 26 2007 11:10 AM ]

is too small to begin with, so I always take any opportunity to plump it up.

I wish there were a way ...  [ Thu May 31 2007 1:10 PM ]

... to give worldsapart and booleigh six stars.

Zapped  [ Fri May 25 2007 8:56 AM ]

Can't say I'm familiar with every album, but I've listened to enough from every period to say I dig both Zappa's music AND his potty jokes. (I actually kind of like his guitar playing, too, although he could've cut it down a bit sometimes. A four-hour guitar solo is a tough sell.)

I think Zappa once said he ditched his obnoxious comedy music because people didn't appreciate it. I don't think it was more palatable or gave him a wider audience than the instrumental stuff. He certainly became more respectable once he ditched the Bobby Brown routine. Helped the legacy and all that.

Anyway, Zappa was a complete American original (much like Dylan). There's never been anyone like him, and there never will be. I'm under the impression that he would've continued doing the comedy routine if he thought he could've gotten away with it, but Zappa wasn't Weird Al. Old Zappa is typically highly offensive, even disgusting. It turned people off, even though, in my opinion, a lot of those lyrics were pure genius. ("Broken Hearts Are for Assholes"? "Baby Snakes"? Come on! That's poetry!) Besides, even when he stuck to instrumentals, his music retained a lot of humor. He was just a naturally hilarious guy.

I've never heard him described as pretentious. Annoying I can understand, but pretentious? No way! Give him another chance, Debaser. Frank was a genius.

If this is a contest ...  [ Thu May 24 2007 1:54 PM ]

... and I believe it is, then Frank Zappa won it long ago with his Dylan impression on the song "Flakes" from the album Sheik Yerbouti. He throws in a sweet harmonica solo, too, at no extra charge.

[recite in rhythmic, sing-songy Dylan voice:]

"I asked as nice as I could

If my job would

Somehow be finished by Friday

Well, the whole damn weekend

Came 'n' went, Frankie

[Wanna buy some mandies, Bob?]

'N'they didn't do nothin'

But they charged me double for Sunday

You know, no matter what you do

They gonna cheat 'n' rob you

Then they'll send you a bill

That'll get your senses reelin'

And if you do not pay

They got computer collectors

That'll get you so crazy

Til your head'll go through th' ceilin'

Yes it will!"

Debaser:  [ Fri May 4 2007 4:01 PM ]

"I did customer service for years, so I'm not a complete asshole."

Dyuh, what? How does that follow? I thought

"being an asshole" was a job requirement for customer service reps. Or is that just in New Mexico?

Sheryl should try ...  [ Tue Apr 24 2007 9:55 AM ]

... wiping her butt with leaves. Now THAT's environmental. I once went on a 9-day backpacking trip in the Pecos with my dad. When we ran out of toilet paper, I started using the leaves of these flat-leaved plants that grow in swampy/grassy meadows all over the place up there. Not sure what they're called. To this day, I refer to them as butt-wipe plants. They worked surprisingly well.

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