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Things I learned in the few years I worked at Natural Sound:  [ Tue Feb 7 2012 9:47 AM ]

1. Playing Diamanda Galas will clear out the store.

2. If you play Led Zeppelin for the crazy, homeless guy he'll take off his clothes and run around on Central.

3. Paul can tell a great story, is fascinated by rock lobsters and vehemently disagrees with the use of cowbells.

4. Local promoters hate it when you ask to be 'put on the list'.

5. People like the darnedest things.

There are many more things I learned; an amazing appreciation of music and what it takes to run a record store are among them. I was sad to see the store close. I wouldn't trade my time working there for anything.

No  [ Wed Apr 13 2011 5:39 PM ]

But I have cut paper with my eye and my eye didn't even water!

Stupid razor eye... most useless bio-engineered upgrade ever. Unless of course I'm making paper snowflakes. Then it comes in handy.

No  [ Tue Nov 9 2010 5:59 PM ]

But I have bitten into a finger and it reminded me of a pear.

Prove me wrong  [ Fri Oct 15 2010 10:21 AM ]

Sounds like you have explored and found something tasty on their menu. Suggestions?

Uhhhhh  [ Wed Oct 13 2010 6:04 PM ]

Sadie's - best New Mexican restaurant?!! Out of all the restaurants in Albuquerque that serve New Mexican food, Sadie's is the best?! I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned. Could not disagree more.

I prefer  [ Wed Aug 11 2010 5:39 PM ]

drinking my cheese-like substances through a straw. If only there were straws made of cheese.

Definitely husky  [ Wed Aug 4 2010 5:29 PM ]

It's funny when tourists order tamales and try to eat them with the husks. It's also funny when they quizzically look at sopapillas and wonder what the hell to do with them.

Pretty darn good  [ Fri Jul 2 2010 2:35 PM ]

We ate there just today for lunch. We were lookin' for a place that was dog friendly. Well, doggies are welcome in their back patio area and our waitress even brought our furry little friend a fresh cup of water. Dog Unit Iota also enjoyed a few drops of chilled Marble IPA (she has good taste in beer). Oh, and the hot wings.... WICKED HOT!!! Mmmmmm. Tasted like they use one of our favorite hot sauces (All Spice Cafe - Cayenne Pepper.) Make sure you have a cool beer handy to wash down the wings. Patio + smoking + good beers + dog friendly = enjoyable lunch.

Awww  [ Mon Jan 11 2010 4:44 PM ]

Gomez + Snuggie = Cute

Awwwwww  [ Thu Dec 3 2009 5:24 PM ]

Gomez is an adorable little bugger. Now you just need to get him a tiny leather jacket and a spiked collar. :0)

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