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Register Now for Arte Encantado 2016 Summer Program

Press Release [ Thu Apr 28 2016 1:00 PM ]

Applications are now being accepted for a unique summer program which emphasizes the interplay of art, music, science and ecology. Arte Encantado, for middle-school-aged students, takes place at the ABQ BioPark, Explora Science Center and Children's Museum, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science and the Albuquerque Museum. Arte Encantado is sponsored by the City of Albuquerque Cultural Services Department.

Now in its fourth year, Arte Encantado has become a popular program for students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grades, with a variety of outdoor and indoor art and science activities being experienced during the week.

Among them, students will explore the Rio Grande and bosque, design solar-powered robots, create music from organic sources, compose poetry and learn about art and science connections. Teachers in the Arte Encantado program are professionals in their particular disciplines, and enjoy the opportunity to share their passion with students.

The program has a mission to increase access to the abundant educational, cultural and natural resources in Albuquerque.

Two one-week-long sessions are available with a maximum of 25 students each session. Session One is scheduled for June 13-17; Session Two is scheduled for June 20-24.

Arte Encantado sessions run Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and take place at different locations depending on that day's activities.

The cost is $35 per student with lunch and snacks included. Parents must be able to drop off and pick up their children at the daily specified session locations and times.

Online registration is available at


The Daily Word in Republicans, Harry Potter and Vaginas

By Megan Reneau [ Thu Apr 28 2016 11:33 AM ]
The Daily Word

uz tha debil” –John Boehner to Ted Cruz

I really enjoy Tina Fey but I don't understand how people can just call her perfect when she relies on socially acceptable racism so much.

And this is exactly why, out of all the Harry Potter films, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is my favorite.

Kesha is recording again!

The next Vice President could be Tom Perez.


Another Doctors Without Borders hospital has been attacked.

This ancient treat fucks eeeeeverything up.

Former House Speaker and life-long sex offender Dennis Hastert has been sentenced to just 15 months in prison.

Event Horizon
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Event Horizon

Get With the Times

Saturday, Apr 30: Albuquerque Renaissance Faire

By Joshua Lee [ Thu Apr 28 2016 11:00 AM ]
Food, music, demonstrations, arts and activities all recreated from the Middle Ages.
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Totally professional cliques


Hi Felicia!

By Robert Maestas and Courtney Foster [ Thu Apr 28 2016 10:56 AM ]
This week we sit down with local comedian, "Fred" Hawkes, and out Arts/Lit Editor, Maggie Grimason, to talk about weird things in social cliques, odd news and Felicia Day!
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JayCee Beyale

Event Horizon

Rise and Rezonate

Saturday, Apr 30: Rezilience Indigenous Arts Experience

By Maggie Grimason [ Thu Apr 28 2016 10:00 AM ]
Learn about Indigenous art processes. More than 60 Indigenous artists and art-related professionals representing the US, Canada and Latin America participate.
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New Mexico Veterans' Memorial to Commemorate End of Vietnam War

Press Release [ Thu Apr 28 2016 9:44 AM ]

On Saturday, April 30 beginning at 10am the New Mexico Veterans' Memorial is hosting a special commemoration at which Veterans from all branches of service who served during that war will share their memories and stories of wartime. Others who served, or those who have non-combat memories they wish to share will be welcomed.

Forty one years ago Americans watched their televisions as reports of the fall of Saigon signaled the end of one of the most challenging military events in our history. April 30 is the 41st anniversary of the 1975 fall of Saigon that brought the war to its official end.

This year marks the 61st anniversary of the start of the Vietnam War, although regular U.S. combat forces weren't deployed until 1965. Direct U.S. military involvement ended in 1973.

Following the presentation in the Rose Garden that features over 400 plantings, all of which have significance in honoring various military events and traditions, the event will move to the Visitors' Center where refreshments and displays will be available to further engage those attending. A moment of silence will honor those fallen who are featured on the New Mexico Vietnam Wall.

Attendees may also visit the Vietnam War Monument that depicts a soldier saying goodbye to his comrade and buddy.

Special invitees to the commemoration are our Albuquerque Vietnamese neighbors. Bring the whole family to honor, learn and share in a day of memories and healing.

The program is co-sponsored by the City of Albuquerque and NM Veterans' Memorial Foundation.

New Mexico Veterans' Memorial Park is located at 1100 Louisiana SE and is managed by the City of Albuquerque. For more information on events and activities, please visit, or call 311.



The Daily Word in space menses, Vietnamese brides and the moon of Makemake

By Renee Chavez [ Wed Apr 27 2016 2:56 PM ]
The Daily Word

Ever pondered space menses?

Hillary Clinton is setting up offices in ABQ.

A local high school baseball team is cheering up a sick teen for her birthday.

This article will bridge the gap in your knowledge of bridges.

There is a massive and awful market in China for Vietnamese brides.

A moon has been discovered that orbits the dwarf planet Makemake.

For all those adults who don't have a squad, here's how to get one.

Curious about demonology?

Don't feel bad, plankton get drunk too.

This is the most polluted city.

Event Horizon
via morguefile

Event Horizon

Who Needs Picasso?

Friday, Apr 29: ArtsUnexpected

By Monica Schmitt [ Wed Apr 27 2016 1:00 PM ]
This student-curated event features over 250 artists including filmmakers, dancers, thespians, visual artists and musicians performing and showcasing their works across campus.
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Event Horizon
Allen Russell Photography

Event Horizon

Pow WOW!

Thursday, Apr 28: Gathering of Nations

By Maggie Grimason [ Wed Apr 27 2016 12:00 PM ]
Competitive performances, food, music and art at the largest pow-wow in North America.
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Former ABQ Reporter Visits Page 1

Press Release [ Wed Apr 27 2016 10:30 AM ]

Gerald Moore, former Albuquerque Tribune reporter, will be at Page One Books at 4pm on Saturday, April 30, to talk about and sign his non-fiction effort, LIFE Story: The Education of an American Journalist.

The book is described as such: "Before Americans got their news from television, they got it from LIFE, the weekly magazine that set the standard for photojournalism. In LIFE Story, Gerald Moore, a writer and editor who worked at the magazine in the last glory years before TV made it obsolete, recalls the dizzying excitement and glamour of LIFE's fast-moving, powerful approach to spreading the news. Moore covered the major stories of the late 1960s and early 1970s: LSD, assassinations, the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, the McCarthy campaign, urban riots, the My Lai massacre, and the beginnings of feminism. His story offers a wonderful look back at the good and the bad old days of journalism."

Moore joined the staff of LIFE at the age of 27. Before that, he was a philosophy student at the University of NM who became a nighttime police officer and then a reporter at The Albuquerque Tribune in the 1960s, both jobs teaching him the tools of his trade. At LIFE magazine, he was a leading reporter, bureau chief, and eventually an editor. When LIFE ended publication as a weekly magazine in December of 1972, Moore turned to freelance magazine writing. His articles appeared in People, Saturday Evening Post, Reader’s Digest, Families, Horticulture and other national magazines. Moore lives in Hudson, N.Y., and Chapel Hill, N.C.

Page One Books is located at 5850 Eubank NE, Suite B-41, in Albuquerque's Mountain Run Shopping Center (southeast corner of Eubank and Juan Tabo). The Moore event is free and open to the public. For more information, please call 294-2026 or visit [link].

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