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The Daily Word in Robots, Cadavers and Cheese

By Monica Schmitt [ Tue May 31 2016 10:57 AM ]
The Daily Word

What's with all the barbecues and pool parties? The U.S. has got to adopt some more entertaining traditions, like chasing a wheel of cheese down a hill, perhaps. England is clearly doing it right.

If you're as disturbed by animal cruelty as I am and sick of hearing about it, watch this video instead.

Is this real life or part of a Mary Shelley novel?

Let's set the record straight: The meaning of life is probably not the number 42. This mechanical engineering professor offers an explanation from a purely scientific standpoint.

How's this for an exciting internship?

Barton Elementary School recognizes the importance of art education, and the results are inspiring.

A hug a day keeps the Prozac away.

Disclaimer: Not to be read by the squeamish.

The Daily Word

The Daily Word

The Daily Word in Memorial Day, Johnny Depp and lava flows

By Robin Babb [ Mon May 30 2016 1:10 PM ]
The Daily Word

Its Memorial Day. Don’t be that jackass that brings tuna salad to the cookout.

In Fredrickburg, Virginia, a memorial for fallen soldiers -- who haven’t fallen yet.

A few days ago, news broke that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are getting divorced. Then things got complicated.

Verizon has reached tenative agreements with striking workers, potentially ending the six-and-a-half week strike.

An Albuquerque motorcyclist was killed just north of Espanola in a hit-and-run. Eloise Armijo was 53.

Some new lava flows have appeared on Hawaii. (Don’t worry, these ones aren’t a threat to anyone).

Even the way our cities are designed is racist.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

An Odd Adventure (for an Otter)

Wednesday, Jun 1: Otter's Odd Adventure

By August March [ Mon May 30 2016 10:00 AM ]
World premiere performance of a new work for narrator and orchestra by the creator of "Too Much Coffee Man Opera."
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New Mexico Veterans' Memorial to Honor Vets on Memorial Day

Press Release [ Mon May 30 2016 6:13 AM ]

With honor and gratitude, we remember veterans who have served and sacrificed. Join us at the 2016 Memorial Day celebration on Monday, May 30th at the New Mexico Veterans' Memorial.

Today, Monday, May 30.

9-10am - Musical Prelude
10am-noon - Memorial Day Ceremony

Where: New Mexico Veterans' Memorial
1100 Louisiana SE

Parking & continuous shuttle services provided by the Department of Senior Affairs,from Gibson/Louisiana Kirtland Federal Credit Union. Guests are encouraged to arrive early for best parking.


The Daily Word in Fishes, Dinosaur Kisses and Magnets (How Do They Work?)

By Joshua Lee [ Sun May 29 2016 7:29 AM ]
The Daily Word

Check out this badass hand puppet designed by Barnaby Dixon.
When operated using two hands, it can point, grasp small objects, and move its mouth.

ESA’s Swarm satellite trio has found that the protective magnetic field around the earth has been weakening.

The future of fish: beautiful 3D-printed aquarium "Waterscapes" by designer Haruka Misawa.

Mystery solved: Dinosaurs probably had lips.

Volunteers from The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park found a World War II German code machine on Ebay.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Folk It!

Sunday, May 29: 2nd Annual South American Folk Fair

By Robin Babb [ Fri May 27 2016 10:00 AM ]
South American arts and crafts vendors, dancers and musicans pay homage to Andean communities.
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Totally professional Bern


Feelin' the Bern

By Robert Maestas and Courtney Foster [ Thu May 26 2016 3:38 PM ]
Rob and Courtney take to the streets and join the rally, interviewing other rally goers and volunteers about politics, ideals, and the ridiculousness of this primary season. The New Mexico primary election is June 7th—Get out and vote!

The Daily Word in Worshipping Art, Synthetic Food and Memes

By Megan Reneau [ Thu May 26 2016 11:14 AM ]
The Daily Word

New Mexican't? New Mexican.

Meow Wolf is so blasé—what we need is a temple worshipping art.

Like I needed another reason to love The Weeknd.

Georgia O'Keeffe didn't just paint “flowers.”

A virtual reality film shows what it's like to be an abortion patient.

What if your food breathed and moved while you ate it? And it wasn't an animal?

What really separates Kristen Stewart and Woody Allen in Hollywood? (Hint: If you're going to read this article, it's probably because of Woody Allen)


Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Wine Not?

Saturday, May 28: Albuquerque Wine Festival

By Monica Schmitt [ Thu May 26 2016 11:00 AM ]
Sample wines, live music, food trucks, jewelry and crafts.
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Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Hive Five!

Saturday, May 28: Bees and Seeds Festival

By Maggie Grimason [ Thu May 26 2016 10:00 AM ]
Second annual fest with eco-friendly vendors, food trucks, artists and professional beekeepers. Free plants available courtesy of Red Tractor Farm.
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