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Event Horizon

Event Horizon


Saturday, May 21: Creative 505 Festival

By Megan Reneau [ Thu May 19 2016 11:00 AM ]
A collaboration between Albuquerque's art, theater, craft, tech, start-up and music communities that brings them together as one community.
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via City of Albuquerque

Join in the Fun at Summertime Stroll in Old Town

Press Release [ Thu May 19 2016 10:17 AM ]

Make plans to visit historic Old Town on Saturday, May 21 when Summertime Stroll offers an afternoon of live entertainment and the opportunity to enjoy the many shops, galleries and dining options offered in Albuquerque's oldest neighborhood. From noon to 5pm music will fill the plaza with energy as Albuquerque favorites like La Rondalla, Mariachi Nuevo Sonido, Round About, and Lone Piñon perform.

From noon to 1:30pm, La Rondalla de Albuquerque, with music director Otilio Ruiz de Xalapa from Veracruz, brings lively music from New Mexico, México and Latin America with harp, guitar, guitarrón, vihuela, jarana, violin, mandolin, manjo-uke (mandolin/banjo/ukelele) and voice.

At 1:30 and 3:15pm Mariachi Nuevo Sonido,"The Dancing Mariachis," take the stage with a selection of traditional mariachi to jazzy Tijuana Brass and catchy New Mexico Rancheras music. Musicians in the group include: Marvin Teitelbaum and Miguel Ojeda on trumpet/vocals; Jose Luis Ojeda on viehuela/vocals; Raul Ojeda on guitarrón/vocals, and Elias Ojeda and Joseph Santiago on violin/vocals.

Round About, performing from 1:45 to 3:15pm, brings a musical mix and showmanship fined-tuned by years of experience. Six professional musicians collectively combine their talents to create a great variety band, with guitarist Harold Garcia, drummer Al Guadagnoli, keyboardist Carol Mayberry-Sanchez, saxophonists Phillip Brown and Louis "Smoothie" Soto, and bassist Hector Franco.

From 3:30 to 5pm, Lone Piñon takes the stage to perform New Mexico Roots music. The acoustic trio from Santa Fe features Greg Glassman (guitar, vocals), Jordan Wax (fiddle, vocals) and Noah Martinez (guitarrón). With harmony vocals in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl, the group has revived and updated the Chicano stringband style that once flourished in New Mexico.The trio has dedicated years to learning and performing the acoustic ensemble tradition that is at the heart of the region's musical landscape, working to reinfuse the repertoire with the vitality it lost with the passing of its most prominent musicians in the last few decades.

Music is not the only thing happening at Summertime Stroll. Artists Eason Eige and Adan Carriaga (and others) will be demonstrating their techniques on the Plaza. Be sure to stop and watch these talented professional artists at work. And you can find special deals at participating shops and merchant booths that include such vendors as Wild Hare, Gabby's Handmade Soaps, Painted Sky Gallery, Wild Moon Boutique, Treasure House Books, and many more. The Classic Chevy Club will be in Old Town to show off their preserved and restored cars.

There is also plenty of fun slated for the youngsters. A large-scale rock wall, face painting and arts and crafts like small wood retablos, papel picado (cut-out designs on paper) and Native American ohos will keep kids entertained.

All of that activity can build appetites, and local food trucks will be on hand for those looking for a bite to eat. Or, enjoy a relaxing experience dining in one of Old Town's many restaurants.

From 5 to 8pm the Old Town Plaza will be filled with colorful costumes, music, dance and puppet shows as the Filipino American Foundation celebrates Santacruzan at the Plaza, featuring the dancing, costumes and customs of indigenous Filipino people. Admission is free for Summertime Stroll and Santacruzan de Mayo.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Just Kilting

Saturday, May 21: Celtic Festival and Highland Games

By Renee Chavez [ Thu May 19 2016 10:00 AM ]
See rugby games, sheep herding, horses and a strong man competition.
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Event Horizon
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Event Horizon

Easy, Rider

Friday, May 20: Bike to Work Day

By Joshua Lee [ Wed May 18 2016 12:00 PM ]
Ride your bike to work and pick up coffee, food, t-shirts and other cycle gear on your way at cycle shops across the city.
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totally professional ouija operators


Ouija listen to this podcast please?

By Robert Maestas and Courtney Foster [ Wed May 18 2016 11:48 AM ]
This week is a SPOOKTACULAR Friday the 13th special! Rob & Courtney sit down with alibi staff members Joshua Lee,Maggie Grimason,Desiree Garcia & Renee Chavez to summon a lost spirit from the great beyond! It gets real sweaty. Also,Maggie talks about Sherman Alexie for a bit.
"Avant-dernières pensées - Aubade"
by France Clidat


Happy Birthday Erik Satie!

He would have been 150 today.

By Peter Karlsen [ Tue May 17 2016 3:55 PM ]

Often cited as the father of minimalism, he was derided by teachers and critics of his time. Like many who make great strides in their creative field, would go on to influence contemporaries, if at all, only late in life. Now his compositions are nearly inescapable. Take a moment to remember him and his contribution to expressing our human condition—a delicate hope that hides itself beneath a deep melancholy.


Not Just a Fish

I don't know what axeman is, but I keep saying it

By Maggie Grimason [ Tue May 17 2016 2:43 PM ]

A X E M A N:

noun (pl) -men
a man who wields an axe, esp to cut down trees
a person who makes cuts in expenditure or services, esp on behalf of another: the chancellor's axeman
(US, slang) a man who plays a musical instrument, esp a guitar

I've trying really hard to insert "axeman" into conversations. Specifically, when referring to myself. But, alas, I am slowly, surely learning to play bass. And, per the stupid dictionary, axeman "esp" refers to guitarists, "esp" male guitarists.

Incidentally, I looked up the logically corresponding word "axewoman." To which I got the polite response: "Did you mean 'axman'?" No, I did not. And then, it provided more suggestions: Did I mean "jazzwoman"? Eh, I'm really not good enough to be called that. And definitely not my genre. "Markswoman"? Definitely not. "Examen"? Oh god, no.

A halfhearted Google search, resulting from the fact that this post has no clear direction, for the word "bass" turns up lots of ads for fishing poles and dead animals with wide mouths and blank eyes staring at me from my screen.

As of late, I've been plucking along with friends who are a bazillion times more talented me and for the first time I'm in a band. Even though I've been dreaming of it since I dressed like Kurt Cobain in high school.

I don't need to be validated with a badass title like "axewoman" but I do need to be validated with cheers and applause, so come to Punk Rock Open Mic at Winning's THIS Friday, May 20 at 7pm.



Rhapsody in Burque

Chapter Four: The Man Who is Still King

By Rita Riggs [ Tue May 17 2016 1:00 PM ]

I'll get right to the point: That Dick Dale show was amazing. He blazed into Sister Bar last Monday night and completely melted my brain.

Perhaps I was still feeling a little raw from the heartbreakingly geriatric Meatloaf concert at Route 66 Casino this past winter, having watched a once-monumental performer heave, pant and stumble his way through a set list. Perhaps I read last week's August March interview and learned that Mr. Dale, now 79, suffers from advanced diabetes and chronic pain. Turns out he only tours to raise money for medical bills. Perhaps I just hadn't seen a very good show in awhile.

Suffice it to say, I was managing my expectations, keeping the bar comfortably low. I would go to the show not to be impressed, but to support this extraordinary man and pay homage to his legacy, to what he once meant to the world of rocanrol ...

The night began with a droning and danceable set by gnarly, surf-infused Phantom Lake from Rio Rancho. After a long lull for load-out/in, a lovely platinum blonde (who turned out to be Dick's wife, Lana) took the stage and gave an ignorable intro (sorry, Lana). I was ready to be underwhelmed.

Suddenly, the room magnetized and everyone's hair stood on end. You could feel him before you saw him, and then there he was: our hero Dick Dale towering above his people, welcoming a boisterous round of applause. Like a hot knife through a stick of butter, the thick, piercing rip of pick on metal strings started slicing into the crowd. With fingers smoother than silk and faster than bullets, with swaggering, sinister melodies soaring with the guttural snarl of an angry bass and the thunderous bang, boom, splash of the drums, Dick Dale overtook the packed house with the gale force and magnitude of a hurricane. His stance was stoic and mighty, his energy commanding, his tone sharp and furious, and his powerful, masterful musicianship utterly jaw-dropping.

For two hours, he dazzled the masses with a medley of originals and covers, taking us on a roller coaster ride of rowdy party tunes, gritty ballads, fiery anthems and sultry swings, all with a dynamic range as wide as the sky is tall.

And oh, the tricks up his sleeve. He started off by slamming his guitar neck down his mic stand and using it as a slide. Ultimately, he joined the drummer on the kit for an old-style drum battle à la Gene Krupa, then crossed the stage and started playing the bass like a dulcimer/drum, hammering the strings and body with the drumsticks and erupting into a monstrous solo that would make John Entwistle weep.

In short, Dick Dale was a revelation. I left in a daze that has not worn off even a week later. To witness true greatness in such an intimate setting was an honor and a privilege I'll never forget. And the next time he comes anywhere within a 100-mile radius, I'll be first in line for the show. I suggest you do the same.


The Daily Word in Shakespeare, Giraffe Evolution and Hallucinogens

By Monica Schmitt [ Tue May 17 2016 12:14 PM ]
The Daily Word

Caught red handed! A group of Olympic participants get in trouble for conducting forbidden experiments.

College Shakespeare professors are probably going bonkers over this. A London archaeological team proves their geometry knowledge and reveals a chunk of history no one knew was missing.

Technological advancements sometimes give me the heebie-jeebies. I remain skeptical about this “safe” form of texting while driving.

These gentle giants have genes specially designed for pumping blood two meters up to the brain. Good work, natural selection. Scientists decode the genome to learn more about these mysterious creatures.

Thanks, Obama.

Lake Michigan is shrinking substantially, leaving only a few feet of sand on the community's beloved dog beach. Still think global warming is a myth?

There's a fine line between good intentioned and stupid and these guys crossed it. Keep the wildlife wild, ya dummies. Poor Bison baby was doing just fine before you insisted on knowing what was best for him.

Never lose hope, but if you do, never underestimate the power of magic mushrooms. Psychedelic experiences might be the cure for the incurable.



The Daily Word in Sinead O’Connor, Baseball and Burning Birth Certificates

By Desiree Garcia [ Mon May 16 2016 4:03 PM ]
The Daily Word

Sinead O’Connor doesn’t go missing.

When it doesn’t work the first two times, I mean, it’s obviously going to work the third time, right?

Fuck your gender roles!

Take me out to the brrraaawl-game.


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