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Annual Heritage Day Activities Planned at Casa San Ysidro

Press Release [ Fri May 13 2016 9:48 AM ]

Created in 1998 by the Corrales Historical Society, the annual Heritage Day returns to Corrales on Saturday May 14, 10am to 4pm. This is a free community event for all ages that celebrates the village's history and agrarian heritage.

Casa San Ysidro: Gutiérrez/Minge House (973 Old Church Road, Corrales, NM 87048) is partnering with the Corrales Historical Association to highlight the history in your backyard. Activities at Casa San Ysidro focus on the tangible aspects of local history and culture such as wool production, blacksmithing, traditional music and art. Families may visit with multi-horned churro sheep and serene pack burros to learn about the importance of these hard working historic breeds to New Mexico's past.

"We are really excited about new performers to Heritage Day," says Emily Stovel, the new site manager of Casa San Ysidro. "An all-female mariachi band will be performing - they are totally awesome! And this will be the first time we've had pueblo dancers. The day really captures the total breadth and depth of our New Mexican communities and arts."

Performances at Casa San Ysidro

11am Mariachi Buenaventura, all female mariachi group

Noon and 2pm Arrieria, the ancient craft of packing and droving, with burros Freighter and Amiga

1pm Haak'u Buffalo Dancers (Acoma)

All day: Churro sheep, blacksmithing, horno bread baking, spinning, hands-on art project.
Art display: Tinwork, colcha, encrusted straw, and retablos
Heritage Day at Casa San Ysidro is supported in part by Wells Fargo.

Casa San Ysidro is a historic building managed by Albuquerque Museum. The c. 1875 home, restored and expanded by Dr. Ward Alan and Shirley Minge, combines traditional building techniques and architectural features that evoke New Mexico's Spanish Colonial past. Located in the farming village of Corrales, just north of Albuquerque, the museum is listed on the State Register of Cultural Properties and El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail.

Summer tour hours run from June through August, Tuesday through Saturday 10:30am, noon, and 1:30pm.
Tour Fees: $4 Adults, $3 Seniors (65+) and students (13+), $2 Children (12 and under), Albuquerque Museum Foundation Members are free. Group and school tours by reservation only. Call (505)898-3915.


The Daily Word in Crime, Animals and Global Warming

By Megan Reneau [ Thu May 12 2016 11:40 AM ]
The Daily Word

Step one to dealing with a smart phone when you have ADHD: Turn your notifications off.

“I like him!” Paul Ryan says smiling while submerging himself in a tank of bleach.

Um, Loretta Lynch for president, PLEASE!

These pups can bring world peace.

What is the most watched television show in New Mexico? Have you ever heard of it?

Instead of stopping our use of fossil fuels, let's give cows oregano to combat global warming.

For-Profit schools are watching this closely (unless they're swimming in a pool of money).

Police are on the lookout for a man who may be connected to a double homicide that happened on Tuesday.

The horrible nitwit George Zimmerman tried to auction off the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin.

Event Horizon
Painting by  Joseph Karl Stieler / Public Domain

Event Horizon

Roll Over, Beethoven!

Saturday, May 14: Beethoven Festival

By August March [ Thu May 12 2016 11:00 AM ]
A tribute to one of the most influential classical composers. Guest Conductor Ryan McAdams leads the program with special guest, Van Cliburn Crystal Award winner, Sean Chen.
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Event Horizon
/ Creative Commons

Event Horizon

What's New Pussycat?

Saturday, May 14: Feline Fiesta Cat Show

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Thu May 12 2016 10:00 AM ]
Purebred cats and kittens compete for Best of Show. On-site adoptions and shopping are also part of the fun. Proceeds benefit feline rescue groups.
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Renee Chavez


(Alleged) Hoodoo

By Renee Chavez [ Wed May 11 2016 4:29 PM ]
Masonry, fire magic, curses, oh my! Learn about (Alleged) Double Action candles.
Totally professional gorilla bombs


It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Gorilla Bomb!

By Robert Maestas and Courtney Foster [ Wed May 11 2016 3:54 PM ]
This week Rawb & Courtney sit down with local comic book creators Desmond Fox and Joseph Millard to talk about their comic book "Gorilla Bomb." We also discuss weird news and listen to some phat beatsies.
Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Trolling for Sharks

Friday, May 13: Swimming with the Big Fish

By Devin O'Leary [ Wed May 11 2016 1:00 PM ]
Buzzsaw shark artist Ray Troll discusses the practical realities of making a living as a full-time artist.
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The Daily Word in snake wine, wolf poaching and a feast for 5,000

By Renee Chavez [ Wed May 11 2016 12:30 PM ]
The Daily Word

So, uh, stuff has happened in the past on this day.

Make sure to read the fine print in your most recent PNM bill.

Take a look at APD's new use of force policy.

Awwwoooo! Do you have a wolfie heart?

In NY, a feast for 5,000 people was made out of food that would have been thrown away.

New studies show that government culling of wolves increases poaching.

Is Earth really the only habitable planet?

Move over dudes. The salamanders don't need you anymore.

Rare seal pups need the ice that is melting.

Pro tip: Don't drink or make wine with tiger bones in it.

Event Horizon
/ Public Domain

Event Horizon

Kids These Days

Friday, May 13: The First Annual ABQ STEM Fiesta

By Megan Reneau [ Wed May 11 2016 12:00 PM ]
Science, technology, engineering and math activities for all ages.
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The Daily Word in Salamanders, Man-Babies and Pseudo Polaroids

By Monica Schmitt [ Tue May 10 2016 12:33 PM ]
The Daily Word

Ever wonder what America tastes like? Shitty beer. Literally.

Honesty shines a glaring light on your excuse for feeling funky. Try taking responsibility for your actions instead of blaming poor decision making on optical illusions. Realism FTW.

Self-cloning salamanders say no boys allowed.

For the hipsters out there struggling to keep up with “vintage” trends at Urban Outfitters, you'll find hope in this lil' piece of machinery. Show everyone just how good you are at pretending you were born in the 60s.

No exceptions once you join the cult. Consider this a warning to everyone who values freedom of expression.

I guess nothing's impossible as long as you try hard (or long) enough. Happy Birthday, baby.

Explain to me why this needs legalizing again?

Man-baby disqualified from presidential candidacy? If only.

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