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Downtown parking lot makes it clear

By Jane James [ Mon May 7 2012 8:02 PM ]

“No In-Out Privileges.” That’s what she said.

El Hombre Mas SEXY

El Hombre Mas Sexy

By Jane James [ Tue Sep 30 2008 2:54 PM ]

Ha, ha, ha-ha, ha! Yeah!


Weird Weather

By Jane James [ Tue May 27 2008 2:49 PM ]

Ah, the weather. It’s what we talk about when there’s nothing to talk about. This article might help to spice up dull breeze-shooting sessions. Oh, and supervolcanoes are always fun. Talk about that with the overly optimistic person at the next party.



Death Wish

By Jane James [ Mon May 26 2008 4:06 AM ]

Liz Trotta doesn't give a fuck.

Read what else she said here.

Now forget about the world's nastiness.


Saturday's El Paso Showcase

By Jane James [ Mon May 12 2008 12:41 PM ]

While, sadly, I missed most of the bands, I did clock in some serious time watching Low Luster League, not Ralpheene as previously stated, who were terrific and so stylishly attired. I loved how the bass player wore his guitar high up, and the singer's voice reminded me a little of Snowden, one of my favorite bands. Plus I witnessed the best spazzed-out dance ever, performed along to their set by Jon Little. I all made me want to revisit the city of El Paso.

Who else was in attendance?


Weird Pinatas

By Jane James [ Mon May 5 2008 5:26 PM ]

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, which is today, take a gander at some weird pinatas. I promise it’s at least two minutes worth of pure amusement.

Otherwise, there’s also this local festivity, one of the picks from the paper this week, written by Laura Marrich. It’s sort of connected to Cinco de Mayo: “Atomic Triple Five--On May 5, Atomic Cantina (315 Gold SW) turns five. That's 5/5/5! According to numerologists, five's power word is "freedom." This year, Atomic will be blessed by adventure and improvement, but it should be wary of restlessness and self-indulgence. Unit 7 Drain, Volume Volume, Lousy Robot, Catfish Hunter, The Rum Fits, Sleestaks, Pan!c, Bellemah and The Ya Ya Boom Project!, plus Oh No Not Stereo from Los Angeles, send Atomic off on its auspicious birthday. They're hoping you'll be there, too. Free, 21+.”


Leap Year Blues

By Jane James [ Fri Feb 29 2008 2:08 PM ]

It's friday, and it's been a rough week. No, it's been a rough life. This situation calls for Lead Belly. Huddie and Stella always make me feel better.



By Jane James [ Tue Jan 22 2008 3:45 PM ]

Dude, Heath Ledger died.

What about the new Batman?


Scary Christmas '07

By Jane James [ Wed Dec 26 2007 12:27 PM ]

Another Christmas has come and gone. For me, this year's highlights included cookies, cheese dip, rum and cokes, VH1's Top 100 One Hit Wonders, watching people play Guitar Hero III and failing at it miserably myself. There was also that phone conversation with my drunk mom.

That's a stellar Christmas compared to that of the people who suffered a tiger attack in San Francisco.


My Embarrassing Blog


By Jane James [ Sat Dec 15 2007 2:20 PM ]

This was supposed to be about British rock stars, but I’m having technical difficulties. Or operator difficulties. Either way, my photos are not showing up, so I’m blogging something even lamer: Glow-in-the-dark cats. Enjoy!

Lamely Yours,


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