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Big Foot

Event Horizon

Robot Dinosaurs: A Menace

Friday, Jan 20: Toughest Monster Trucks

See Bigfoot driven by Larry Swim, Heavy Hitter driven by Derick Anson, Snake Bite driven by Vinny Venom, Megasaurus and more.

The Daily Word in Cursed Cities, Zombie Mice and Venusian Aliens

The Daily Word

Here's the first video footage ever shot of a ruby seadragon. What a weird creature!

Are the dark streaks seen in Venus' atmosphere signs of microbial life?

This headline says it all: Scientists Create Mind-Controlled Hunting Zombie Mice.

Well, it finally happened: Authorities in Brazil are warning citizens that vampire bats have gotten a taste for human blood.

A group of explorers discovered a long-lost "cursed" City of the Monkey God in Honduras ... and nearly lost their faces to a flesh-eating parasite!

The Daily Word in Stellar Collisions, Arguing Bots and Carrie Fisher's Ashes

The Daily Word

An iceberg the size of Rhode Island is expected to break off of Antarctica within the next few months. Scientists say we can anticipate a rise in sea levels when it happens.

Astronomers are predicting that a "new" star produced by a stellar collision that happened centuries ago will be visible to the naked eye in 2022. They call it the "Boom Star."

Thousands are logging on to watch a live-streaming argument between two Google Homes bots on Twitch.

Ok. This is weird. The Chilean government released a nine-minute video that appears to show an actual UFO (or rather, a UAP--unidentified aerial phenomenon). Watch the footage for yourself. Its ... intense.

Carrie Fisher's ashes were reportedly placed in an urn shaped like a giant Prozac pill.

Event Horizon

Move It or Lose It

Thursday, Jan 5: Women Grow Networking Event: Cannabis Legislative Preview

Learn about current bills that could affect cannabis, hemp and the current medical cannabis program, and how to show your support or opposition to any proposed changes.

The Daily Word in the Blood of St. Januarius, a Tiny Snowman in and Where is Santa?

The Daily Word

The "Klingon Newt" and "Ziggy Stardust" snake are two of the new species discovered in Southeast Asia.

So 2016 is officially shit. Even the miraculous blood of St. Januarius failed to liquify during a Catholic ritual performed in Naples. Everyone knows that's bad news.

Some nerds built the world's smallest snowman. It measures a whole 2.7 microns high.

Having trouble getting the fam to play those new board games you'll inevitably get as a present? Here are some tips on roping them in.

Out of the dweeb closet, here I come! Here are a list of some Christmas-themed Doom mods. Enjoy.

Wondering where Santa is? Just call the North American Aerospace Defense Command and ask. There are volunteers there ready to tell you his exact location.

Event Horizon

Lights, Lights, Action!

Saturday, Dec 24: Christmas in Corrales Balloon Glow

Enjoy a balloon glow and luminaria display.

The Daily Word in Antibiotic Resistance, Space Pie and Snowflakes

The Daily Word

Science on gift-giving: Worry less about how cool the reveal will be, and more about whether or not the receiver will still be using your gift in the future.

Some pie enthusiasts launched a meat and potatoes pie into space to see if the structural changes brought about by extreme physical duress would make it easier to eat. It is thought the pie will freeze on its ascent and be cooked on re-entry.

A one million dollar NASA-funded satellite system was unveiled this week that can track the movement of glaciers and ice sheets around the world. Try denying that one.

“We are about to reach the point where more antibiotics will be consumed by farm animals worldwide than by humans,” says Mark Woolhouse, of the University of Edinburgh. Meaning: More antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Yay!

Check out the first footage ever captured of the prehistoric ghost shark!

Remember making paper snowflakes? I did, but only vaguely. Then I looked it up. See what I found!

Event Horizon

Helping Kids in a Single Bound

Sunday, Dec 18: Superhero Benefit Show

Face painting, Superhero photo booth, prizes, performances and a special appearance by Comic Crusaders for NM to benefit UNM Children's Hospital Child Life.

Anniversary Interview

Featuring The Little Engine That Did

To celebrate our 25th year properly here at the Weekly Alibi, we're conducting a series of interviews with local businesses and institutions that we've grown with and that have contributed to the growth of our wonderful city.

Our second interview isn't an interview at all. Staff Writer Joshua Lee claims he tried to speak with an actual train, but that the beast was too focused on its job to bother with conversation. Instead, he did some digging to find out how this 13-year-old project came about ...

Hey, Millenials! Can you believe there was actually a time when people had to drive to Santa Fe? In their own cars, no less! Well, gather around, kids, it's time your Uncle Joshie told you a little story about a Governor who had a dream no one wanted to see realized. This here's the tale of the N.M. Rail Runner Express (or what I like to call “The Little Engine That Did”):

Back in 2003, a passenger rail line was still just a thought hovering over the minds of the state's leaders. Governor Bill Richardson—who would go on to serve as US Ambassador to the United Nations, Energy Secretary for the Clinton administration and even a presidential candidate for a few moments after being the Governor of New Mexico for two terms (he was also part of a corruption scandal involving some dirty campaign money)—pushed to get the Runner built using state highway funds. That year, NMDOT and MRCOG received federal grants for the project and the State Legislature passed a bill for transportation improvement that included the Rail Runner.

The big idea was to build a rail service that would connect the major urban centers along the Central New Mexico corridor, pumping some much-needed funds into the state while making travel for taxpayers cheaper and easier. In 2006, the Rail Runner officially went into service. It connected ABQ to Sandoval County, and all under a cute and sleek brand. The track was built mostly on existing freight lines and by 2008, it reached Santa Fe and cost nearly $400 million.

But by 2010, ticket sales started dropping, and the state's Republicans were starting to grumble about the money involved. “Where are the people who are supposed to be riding this thing?” They asked. And the drain on the transportation budget was affecting road maintenance. But the line was never killed.

However, as recently as 2015, the Department of Transportation was being criticized for the fact that the Runner was clearly making less money than it was spending. And despite the free WiFi and modern design, my neighbor told me riding on it was “gross.”

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“I don't know” He shrugged. “It's just gross.”

I don't know if he's really the most reliable source, to be honest. I have the suspicion that he probably never set foot on the Runner. And here's the deal: You'll never know until you ride the thing.

Maybe it's just the survivor syndrome talking, but I get the feeling that people around here maybe exaggerate some things a little. Tell you what. I'll make a deal with you. Pack a lunch, spend a day on the rails, and if you come home pissed off, write your congresswoman about it and tell her that Uncle Joshie really pissed on your day.

Here: I'll make it easy for you.


The amount passengers pay for a ticket will be determined by the distance they travel. There are six zones along the 100-mile corridor between Santa Fe and the City of Belen. To figure out your fare, count how many zones you will be traveling through using the map and chart. Youths ages 10-17, students with a valid ID, seniors over the age of 62 and those with disabilities pay reduced fares. (Example: Riding from Downtown ABQ to the Santa Fe Depot means you cross five zones. That's $9 for a one-way trip or $10 for a day pass.)


There are six stations in the ABQ metro zone. Starting from the south:

Isleta Pueblo (NM Highway 47 and Tribal Road 15, Isleta Pueblo)
Bernalillo County (113 Rio Bravo SE)
Downtown ABQ (100 First Street SW)
Montaño (130 Montaño Road NW)
Los Ranchos/Journal Center (101 El Pueblo NE)
Sandia Pueblo (NM Highway 313 and NM Highway 556, Sandia Pueblo)

The Daily Word in Russian Hacks, John Glenn and the Plot From Jurassic Park

The Daily Word

Ah, yes. The Pokémon Cookbook shows you how to make your own Pokémon-shaped dishes. I have no words.

The CIA just released the results of a secret assessment, and they're saying the hacked emails provided to WikiLeaks before the election were given to them by the Russian government for the express reason of putting Trump in the White House. (Which is interesting and says some scary things about the relationship between Trump and Russia, but doesn't really change the content of the emails. So ...)

Watch the world's largest useless machine light a Christmas tree.

The very first dinosaur tail encased in amber was discovered. Check this shit out!

John Glenn died.

Today's Events

Courtesy of Keshet Center for the Arts

Dancer Silva Laukkanen explores how environment impacts choreography.

Rugby is a Drag • Truly Scrumptious Coxx at Sidewinders

Toughest Monster Trucks at Santa Ana Star Center

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