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Doherty's famous three word review  [ Tue Sep 25 2012 1:29 PM ]

of some Neil Young album that came out back then: "Shut up, hippie."

Oh, ok.  [ Fri Sep 14 2012 7:05 PM ]

Nobody saw that one coming.

Band Family Tree Trivia  [ Fri Jul 20 2012 4:21 PM ]

Michael Henningsen drew all the lines by hand with a pencil and a ruler. Back in 1995 that was actually the easiest way to get it done.

What's next?  [ Mon Jul 16 2012 3:52 PM ]

Hopefully not this...


Don't forget Ragnar  [ Mon Jul 9 2012 12:36 PM ]

Play Youtube Video

I've been there.  [ Wed Jun 13 2012 2:39 PM ]

I went down the ladder into the kiva hole and found myself trapped for 20 minutes with a bunch of little kids getting a ranger lecture. I wanted to leave badly, but it seemed too rude at the time. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that the Gila cliff dwellers were an entirely different people from the Anasazi, whose ruins are scattered across Northern NM. And who, based on bone fragments and pottery scrapings, are thought to have enjoyed a nice batch of human stew.

Ever since Sloppy showed up  [ Wed May 30 2012 6:32 PM ]

the world has been learning to live without Chapstick.

Don't stare too long at the yeti  [ Tue May 22 2012 12:02 PM ]

or you will get the hairy eyeball.

I dreamed that I missed the eclipse.  [ Tue May 15 2012 2:17 PM ]

The bedroom got really dark for a couple seconds then got light again, and the dog was barking.

here's my contribution  [ Thu May 10 2012 4:17 PM ]

James Blunt: knuckle sandwich with tear sauce.

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