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Bushels of wheat!  [ Tue Jan 6 2009 11:26 PM ]

Amen. Fuck the gold standard, we need to back our currency with a real commodity. You can't eat gold - you can't even burn it.

If the economy is truly growing, then there will always be something to use

Exactly, and isn't that the reason we are in the economic cluster fuck that we are right now?

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Ah ha ha!  [ Tue Dec 30 2008 1:56 PM ]

The Colt! You'd have more fun with a pineapple! Or a porcupine!!

Why would you settle for a $200 phone?  [ Tue Dec 30 2008 1:44 PM ]

Play your cards right and you could have a pocket PC that runs a real OS (read: Debian) for less.

As per engadget

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Really? Crichton directed Westworld? NFW!  [ Tue Dec 30 2008 1:35 PM ]

I would never have expected such a quality film from a guy who pronounces his name wrong.

Great, more links to the Huffington Post.  [ Wed Dec 24 2008 11:59 AM ]

I'd rather get news from The Onion. For an article titled "Time Mag Columnist: 'Obama is a very rational sounding bigot' I would have expected a lot more about Obama instead of more rehashing the anti-Warren rhetoric.

The link to said Times article was also more of the same, but at least Cloud had the balls to put the words "does not support equality for" same sex relationships into Obama's mouth.

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