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Yep.  [ Fri Nov 5 2010 12:18 PM ]

Yesterday sucked too.

Yo Alibi!

Get some new computers.

Ice-T  [ Sat Oct 23 2010 1:09 PM ]

Just play some Body Count.

Very disappointing  [ Sat Oct 23 2010 1:01 PM ]

I love Chama River Beer. It's in the top 3 of New Mexico micro-brews. Unfortunately, the restaurant is a giant blemish. I have eaten there five times. The first two times I went for lunch. The food arrived promptly and was good even for the price. Of course the beer was great, especially the Three Dog night porter.

However the last two times I went for dinner and was VERY VERY disappointed with the service. The first time I went for dinner and waiting at our table on the patio for the first sign of a server. It took 10 minutes before someone said is someone helping you? A few minutes later we ordered drinks and an appetizer. Which arrived about 20 minutes after that. Delicious! However, we didn't see the server again. When she did show up after another 30 minutes she said would you like another beer. And we said, "Some food would be nice". WTF! The whole experience took two hours. Absolutely appalling.

I am so easy going that I just let that one slide as a fluke. Sadly, I went there last night again. My date and I got a table by the bar. Where we waited for 20 minutes and not one server showed up at our table. Thankfully we left and will NEVER go back again.

Chama River Brewing Company Restaurant. YOU SUCK!

link  [ Fri Oct 8 2010 10:01 AM ]

dog's head links to 72,000

Cancer + Fructose: This is no smoking gun  [ Mon Aug 9 2010 9:51 AM ]

Sharktopus  [ Thu Aug 5 2010 4:26 PM ]

Lunch  [ Thu May 20 2010 4:03 PM ]

I had lunch there. Hot green chile on a tasty slice.

Just try and rock r-type like I did.

Wow Coca-Cola  [ Wed May 12 2010 10:02 AM ]

I hope you have a gigantic high-fructose corn syrup button too.

Richards  [ Mon Apr 19 2010 10:09 AM ]

I have never had anything bad here. The food is always very fresh and prepared with care. The only downside is that it's very difficult to find it open.

Salsa is king  [ Mon Apr 19 2010 10:07 AM ]

The franchise food is just like the original overpriced and of average quality. The drinks are nice and strong and the chips and salsa are great. The red chile is terrible. Ordering ala carte is usually a better deal.

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