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Hawk-faced Anton Diffring, or  [ Wed Nov 2 2011 2:00 PM ]

scarecrow face?

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Sth, I know that woman.  [ Wed Oct 12 2011 5:08 PM ]

That's the first line of the book I'm reading right now from my favorite (still after all these years) author.

("Sth" is the sound of a character sucking air through her teeth).

The way this author composes sentences, especially in this book, Jazz, just amazes me. I'll see if i can't locate some of my favorite lines to share.

Fun stuff!  [ Thu Sep 22 2011 12:45 PM ]

I'm listening to Little Miss Keith Richards and am totally diggin it. The upbeat music makes me dance while the lyrics make me say "WTF... hahaha, that's weirdly awesome!" I'm having too much of a good time right now. Thanks for sharing!

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!  [ Fri Sep 16 2011 2:54 PM ]

As soon as I heard that line all the childhood memories came flooding back! And how could I have forgotten that score? So intense! Carmina Burana-esque.

Watched it last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's aged well.

Tonight- Conan the Destroyer. I know it doesn't compare to the Barbarian, but it's still good times.

And yes, MMJ, Red Sonia reminiscing will occur on Saturday night. An 80's warrior fantasy marathon!

Last edited [9/16/11 2:55 PM]
Original Conan the Barbarian ruled!  [ Fri Sep 9 2011 11:47 AM ]

Gotta see that one again. I can't remember the music at all so that should be fun to get back in touch with.

And yeah, I'll see this new one too, but will probably wait for the dvd since you know it's gonna be pretty awful but you just can't help yourself anyway.

I'm sure the kids will love this new one. Just like we loved the old one when we were kids. We scoff at each other's generational gaps regarding the cheese factor.

My new favorite "public art" piece.  [ Fri Sep 9 2011 11:53 AM ]

Totally. Awesome.

Looks to me whale-ish. or slug-ish. no, liZard-ish.

Last edited [9/9/11 11:58 AM]
The price of pizza  [ Fri Aug 19 2011 1:47 PM ]

I decided I wanted to eat out cheaply today. I'm tired of paying $10 for lunch. (yeah, i know i should make my own lunch)

So I thought, hey pizza will be cheap! Head down to Axxio. 2 slices, a coke and tip. $10. (And it was meat free to boot!)

Sure the pizza is fine. But I can get twice as much for that amount at the Golden Crown Panaderia.

The profit margin of pizza has to be one of the highest of any type of food/restaurant.

Brilliant.  [ Wed Aug 17 2011 3:36 PM ]

How fun! And I like the vouching so you can ward off creeps.

Last edited [8/17/11 3:37 PM]
Pratt also makes  [ Tue Jul 19 2011 2:42 PM ]

these wonderful molasses piggy cookies (in the Fall?) They're so unique and delicious.

I love the GC Panaderia. Quaint. Grounded. Tasty.

Sweet!  [ Tue Jul 19 2011 2:33 PM ]

Thanks for sharing. Got a new band to follow.

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