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Obviously, You're Not a Golfer

The Big Lebowski

Bowling is quite possibly the most boring sport on TV. It's worse than NASCAR and the WNBA—combined. But movies certainly give it credence (pun intended) as one of the most hijinks-inducing games around. For starters, there was the blistering wit that came from Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray in 1996's Kingpin. And then came a little Coen bros. flick called The Big Lebowski, a cult film that has devotees like Walter Sobchak has ’Nam flashbacks. Santa Fe Sol is airing Lebowski on a giant, outdoor inflatable screen this Saturday. What's more, White Russians will be served and a costume contest is promised. The promoters of the event also suggest you bring a lawn chair or throw rug—you know, to help tie the space together. (Sam Adams)

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