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Runout Challenge

If the first few chorus lines of Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love You" cycle through your head when you've made solid contact with the green felt of a billiards table, effortlessly sinking bank and feather shots, you might check out the Runout Challenge this weekend. The private Albuquerque Billiards Club is hosting the all-ages, public contest, and a $3 entry fee buys an open break of 15 balls. Run them all, and the next rack is yours. You get as many runs as you can pay for over the course of both days. The highest number will be rewarded with cash prizes. Don't forget to take your time, that chalk is free. And don't kiss balls unless you absolutely have to. Go to or call 750-3315 for more. Albuquerque Billiards Club • Saturday and Sunday • 10 am-6 pm • $3 • ALL-AGES! •