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Califone’s Kosmic Living Room

After roots-rock band Red Red Meat disbanded in '97, Chicagoan Tim Rutili started Califone as a solo project; he began releasing calmer, experimental home recordings involving samples, loops and musique concrète elements while—as he described in a 2006 interview—“making little pop songs out of found pieces.” Rutili has a distinctive voice. It's a relaxed, barely affected drawl with just a hint of gravel, and it nestles itself organically into his music’s warm, loping ambience. Califone eventually evolved into a band incorporating all Red Red Meat alums and many other (mostly Chicago-based) musicians. They’re still at it 16 years later, and they've just finished a new album, their first since the soundtrack for Rutili’s 2009 film All My Friends are Funeral Singers. Tomorrow night, Califone visits Burque on a living room tour organized by the Undertow Music Collective, which books intimate, limited-availability tours. Califone starts at 8 p.m., and there's no opening act. Tickets are $20, and they're only available online via and Editor's note: As of 2 p.m., 22 tickets are still available. Location of the show is only available after ticket purchase. Location TBA • Sat Apr 27 • 8 pm • View on Alibi calendar