Alibi Picks

Electro Factory: Tetris Twerk

I’ll admit I’m going out on a limb with this one mostly because I’m kinda naïve about electronica. So, okay, if you just spent the past six months re-listening to Kid A just to get a feel for the depths of reductionism that postmodernism is capable of achieving, then you might want to check out the work of Alex Langston, appearing as The Last Known Good Configuration in an event called Tetris Twerk. The gig is happening on tonight at 9pm and features Langston producing sounds that have elements of glitch, trance and 8-bit and will also feature DJ Nicolatron. I listened to her mixes on Soundcloud, and some of it sort of reminded me of Whitehouse. Also on the bill are DJ Anthony Wae Fonkey Fragua and DJ Inkbox. These sonic revelations manifest at The Chill Factory (312 Rosemont NE). Admission is 5 clams, and you can get a map to the event on Facebook at Yeah, it is near where bluebirds fly and Citizen Insane resides, or something like that. The Chill Factory • Fri Nov 22 • 9pm • $5 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar