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All Aboard!: Interactive train exhibit

Via Wikimedia

I never really had a fascination with trains. … And when I saw Sheldon Cooper (of “The Big Bang Theory”) lauding over these landlocked vessels, traveling from rickety towns to big, bad cities, I started to understand (not really) what all the fuss was about. I've only ridden on a train once, and it just so happened to be one of the worst experiences of my life. It was from Grand Central Station in NYC to Newark Liberty International Airport in Jersey. Let's just say I lost my ticket (and had to purchase another), was traveling with a bag the size of my imaginary German Shepherd and got lost twice on the journey. So yeah, not a big fan of trains.

But, having said that, I can see that as a kid, you might want to be a conductor. You might want to venture into the American landscape and see what's out there. You might even want to hop trains like a real-life Kerouacian vagabond (get real). For those who yearn to be conductors or just love riding the rails, the Santa Fe Children's Museum (1050 Old Pecos Trail) is hosting an Interactive Train Exhibit 'til Jan. 5. So that means that as of press time, you have only a couple of days to get your keister off the sofa and man the tracks.

The exhibit gives children a chance to conduct their own antique, electronic trains and even gives them control of the O Gauge model train set, while also making their own scenery. The museum's holiday hours specify they will be open today through Saturday, Jan. 4, from 10am to 5pm, and on Sunday, Jan. 5, from noon to 5pm. The exhibit is included with admission, which is $6 for New Mexico residents, and $9 for out-of-state visitors. So get there fast for your chance to authentically yell out, “Ahoy!” Wait … that's pirates. Santa Fe Children's Museum, Santa Fe • Thu Jan 2 • Noon-5pm • $6-$9 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar