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Cello, Everyone!: Chatter Sunday

CC by Susana Fernandez

Chatter presents a concert titled “The Cello” on Sunday, May 11, at The Kosmos (1715 Fifth Street NW). Featuring work by Haydn and Britten, this concert aims to demonstrate the crucial fluency of the instrument between distant ends of the classical and modern canons. With tonal qualities similar to the human voice, the cello’s primacy as an orchestral, chamber and solo instrument has never been in dispute. Even the likes of Cobain and Lennon were privy to the mysterious gravitas this instrument is capable of producing. Composers of more esoteric genres have long regarded the cello as a sublime interpreter of human emotion; as director of narrative, the selections on offer in this latest cello-themed offering demonstrate that empathetic capacity with charm and urgency.

Haydn's “Divertimento for Horn, Violin and Cello” is ebullient but contemplative, recalling an Arcadian adventure full of natural wonder. Contrariwise, Britten’s “Opus 72,” his first “Suite for Unaccompanied Cello,” demonstrates all the complexity, ennui and anxiety of the age and culture that gave it life. James Holland is featured cellist on the Britten piece, while horn player Nate Ukens and Burqueño violinist/maestro David Felberg sit in on the Haydn trio. The music starts promptly at 10:30am. Tickets are $15. There's a $6 discount if you’re under 30, and children get in for a fiver. UNM music prof David Bashwiner will read before the curtain rises on this stringed extravaganza. The Kosmos • Sun May 11 • 10:30am • $5-$15 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar