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I Might Be Leavin' on a Jet Plane: Night of Enchantment Suitcase Party

via Wikimedia

Did you ever have fantasies of attending an extravagant gala—and then jetting off on an airplane while partygoers wave to you from the ground and you fly high, the wind capturing you within its soft embrace? Well that could become a reality at Night of Enchantment: A Suitcase Party. The soirée happens at an airport hangar at Cutter Aviation (2502 Clark Carr Loop SE) and features a variety of fun and … well … enchanting activities. Just make sure you check your airspeed.

If food is your thing, the party will have light appetizers, beer and wine from local vendors. Shane Wallin will be on hand for some lively tuneage. There will also be a silent auction, so make sure your credit cards aren't maxed out. But the grand finale is the real reason to attend the party. Guests can purchase additional raffle tickets for 10 smackeroos apiece, and the winner (along with three of their friends) will get whisked away, via airplane, to Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. Like right then and there.

If you attend the party, you can actually see them take off, whilst raising a glass to bid them a safe journey. And it could be you in that airplane, waving goodbye to the laughing losers below. The party happens tomorrow night at 7pm. Tickets range from $30 online to $50 at the door. You can also purchase an Entourage Package (four tickets) for $120. And don't bring the kiddies, folks. It's a 21-and-up shindig. Also, don't forget your suitcases, you know, in case you win. Cutter Aviation • Fri May 30 • 7-9pm • $30-$120 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar