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The Way You Move: Dance classes at NHCC

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Since I started taking tap dance classes over a year ago, I've learned that movement is something that is embedded within every human, whether they know it or not. So head to the National Hispanic Cultural Center (1701 Fourth Street SW) every Tuesday during January, from 6 to 8pm, for some Cuban-style salsa and casino dance classes. Once your hips start shaking to the music, it'll be easy to forget that you've got unpaid bills, a crying child in the next room or gas leaks (actually, you should probably get that checked).

The classes are taught by rhythmic aficionados such as Sarita Streng, Nick Babic, Adam “El Caballo” Metcalf, Larry Heard and Rueda 505 Friends. So, regardless of your prowess as a formidable dancing machine, there are opportunities for people with little to no experience. The first hour is for beginning to intermediate, and the second hour is for intermediate to advanced. So don't be scared if you feel like you've got no rhythm. They'll dance those fears right out of you. The classes are $5-$10, though you can pay what you're able to. There are only two classes left for January (Jan. 20 and 27), so get to steppin'. Contact or call 246-2261 for more info. National Hispanic Cultural Center • Tue Jan 20 • 6-8pm • $5-$10 suggested donation • View on Alibi calendar