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Mama, Let's Go Out!

Mother's Day festivities around town

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'Member the day you were born? Of course you don't. But you know who does? Your mother, because I'm sure she regretted the decision while writhing in pain and cursing your father for ever touching her. But you know how you can make it up to her? By taking her out on Mother's Day for an assortment of activities. First, try having a nice brunch at the Pueblo Harvest Café (2401 12th Street NW) on Sunday, May 10, from 10am to 4pm. That costs around $40.

Or, if you'd rather get some exercise, you can head to a Mother's Day 5K at Albuquerque Academy (6400 Wyoming NE) at 9am for a run and fitness walk. It's $25-$30 to participate, but it'll be a nice, sweaty memory, no?

If you're feeling fancy, you can skip over to Fragrant Leaf Tea Boutique (3207 Silver SE) at 4pm for a Mother's Day-inspired afternoon tea. That's only a mere $33.

Or, if your mama is an animal lover, take her to the BioPark Zoo (903 10th Street SW) for Zoo Moms Discovery Day, during which she can partake in discovery stations and see how other animals nurture and raise their young. That's from 10am to 2pm and is included with regular admission. So show your mama a good time; it's the least you can do. Albuquerque Academy • Sun May 10 • 9am • $25-$30 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar