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Hate Me Now: Amy Schumer LIVE!

Do you like jokes about racism? Or maybe riffs on abortion? Then you'll most likely find Amy Schumer a hilarious beacon in these sad, serious times. Schumer performs live at the Legends Theater at Route 66 Casino (14500 Central SW) on Friday, May 22. In her hit show “Inside Amy Schumer,” the comedian tackles such topics as sex, homosexuality and AIDS—but always with an off-kilter, cutesy and self-deprecating style that provokes unbridled laughter … assuming you have a well-kempt sense of humor. And the thing that makes Schumer such a hoot is that she doesn't mind making herself the punchline of her own jokes.

Take, for instance, a skit in her Comedy Central show during which she dates a guy because he adores her perm. But once her straight locks grow back, he vomits all over her, rescinds his engagement ring and runs for his life as she stands there crying her eyes out. Now Schumer's returning to her roots—back to that good ol' stage, baby! The doors open at 7pm, and the side-splitting laughter commences at 8. Tickets range from $39-$92. For more info head to Legends Theater @ Route 66 Casino • Fri May 22 • 8-9:30pm • $39-$92 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar