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Attack of The Supervillains!

Drink yer Jäger and and call yer best friend Mary Jane cuz The Supervillains are taking over the Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Thursday, June 4. All the way from St. Cloud, Fla., Skart, Dom, Dan and T-Rex have come a long way since their early days in 1998. Their most recent album Volume 8 pulls more from reggae than ska and punk, and has a much more electronic sound than fans have ever heard from past albums like Massive and Grow Yer Own.

While you're swayin' in your combat boots and rasta knit, keep your ears tuned for remixed grooves like “Bottom of the World” and hypnotic “Fundamentalists.” But don't get too chilled out as there's always hope that you'll hear that kick-ass trumpet in favorite oldies like hilarious “Ex-Girlfriend,” perky “20 Excuses” and ska-tastic “Oi's to the Hood.” Mondo Vibrations and Burque Sol will get the good feels rollin' at 8pm for this 13+ show. Tickets are a mere 10 green ones—dollars, that is, not doobies. Launchpad • Thu Jun 4 • 8pm • $10 • View on Alibi calendar