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Ghosts, Creeps and Hors d'oeuvres

Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk

Illustration by Robert Maestas

As if walking the streets of Albuquerque at night isn’t creepy enough, add in a few paranormal investigators and a guided tour highlighting the darker history of our city, and you’ve got yourself a hauntingly weird first date! While some prefer a rooftop cocktail and hors d'oeuvres, others seek to understand the underworld while also maybe peeing their pants a little bit. Luckily, Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk and Hotel Andaluz offer you the opportunity to do both.

This 90-minute guided walking tour boasts tales of horrific accidents, spirits crossing over to the other side and all kinds of other heebie jeebie-like experiences, if you’re into that kinda thing. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to freak yourself out—but be prepared to sleep with the lights on for a few nights after. The tours happen on Friday and Saturday, June 26 and 27, from 8 to 9:30pm. They continue every Friday and Saturday. Tickets will run you $18-$22 and can be purchased at Hotel Andaluz • Fri Jun 26 • 8-9:30pm • $18-$22 • 13+ • View on Alibi calendar