Guerilla Art Show

This weekend only at the Trillion Art Space

Several artists from all over New Mexico are showing graffiti-inspired street art work at the Trillion Art Space, 510 2nd NW.

Artists are making screen prints. There is a printing shop set up in back with locally made t-shirts for sale. Paintings made with the tools of traditional graffiti (latex paint sticks, spray paint, etc.) are hanging on the walls. The show features paintings of Ronald Reagan, creepy little mythical creatures, abstracts and even some painted LPs. There is a definite hip hop influence to much of it. Artists were making a large variety of silk screen prints, everything from Yoda to pueblo-inspired pieces, on site Friday.

Trillion has a factory sort of vibe, and it's always fun to watch art getting made. You can stand right next to the press and watch the silk screening process. It's festive.

The show is being taken down on Monday but is open Saturday and Sunday from noon to about 10 p.m. The event seemed spontaneous and possessed a marked transient quality like much of the street art I've seen lately. It pops up it one place and then disappears. See it before it's gone.