This Week's Arts: STREET ARTS' SHOUT-OUT: A Festival of Rhythm & Rhyme; creepy art at Cellar Door

Poet Idris Goodwin and artist Chaz Bojorquez
Poet Idris Goodwin and artist Chaz Bojorquez
516 ARTS

STREET ARTS: A Celebration of Hip Hop Culture & Free Expression delivers the rhyming component of its program this week. That’s right, 516 ARTS brings the ruckus to all you rap muthaf*ckas. So go shout it in the streets.

Culture Shock: Write it on the wall. Or the burned-out husks of big American cars. Whichever. Cadillac Ranch is a good place to stop and write.

Gallery Review: Sinister bunny rabbits get a place to call their own at Cellar Door. And John Bear can finally quench his thirst for bloodthirsty humanoid war pigs. Awesome.