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Make Your Own Fall Wardrobe

The Designer’s Lounge adds new classes

By Summer Olsson [ Mon Sep 5 2011 12:00 PM ]

Teresa Romero, founder of the Designer&amp;rsquo;s Lounge
Michael L. Miller
Teresa Romero, founder of the Designer’s Lounge

If you have a hard time finding clothes that fit you just right, or special items that suit your taste perfectly, consider learning to make your own fashions. The Designer’s Lounge, which just produced the teen fashion show Fall Into the Stars, has added new classes for September. Read this week’s Arts story to get an idea of how far these classes can take you.

A student working in the Designer&amp;rsquo;s Lounge
A student working in the Designer’s Lounge

One of these additions, Embellishment Crochet, starts tomorrow—and more are coming right up— so check the Designer’s Lounge website soon.

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