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My two wheels get ticketed

By Elise Kaplan, fearless intern [ Thu Jun 16 2011 11:37 AM ]

Today across the country, cities celebrate national Dump the Pump Day by encouraging public transportation. By cutting back to one car, a two-person household can save more than $10.000 a year according to the American Public Transportation Association.

Teams from ABQ RIDE and the Rail Runner are doing their part by handing out goodies on various bus lines and Rail Runner trains throughout the day to promote a car-free lifestyle.

Me, I got a different kind of goodie.

As a bicycle commuter I wear a helmet and look both ways. But, I admit, I occasionally stretch traffic laws.

On June 16 at 9:43 a.m., a motorcycle cop flagged me down. He called me out on a violation of failing to obey the traffic control device at the corner of Silver and Cornell.

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Black Hawk Blues

By Patricia Sauthoff [ Mon Jun 21 2010 2:53 PM ]

I've been fuming since I read about a totally dick move in my former state.

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