Blindfolds & Diamonds

The Chair of Trust

Teetering Precisely Upon the Iron Plank

this happened Last Night.
It was my Birthday Party.
The Host rented me a special Room in a private place
within the Hotel where we could Party all Loud and Wildly.

in the Back of the Hotel it was Dark.
in the Front of the Hotel it was well Lit for
All the Public to Behold. My special Room
was on the 7th the back...

The Host asked me my Weight.
I guessed I weighed around 170 lbs.
The Host smiled and quickly unPacked
170 lbs of weights, little Iron Plates in
10lb and 20 lb sizes.

The Host kept smiling and said How special tonight
would Be. "You get to enjoy the Chair of Trust, I Trust
you told me your correct weight" He shoved the Ironing board out the Window and Forced me to sit on the end
sticking out, hovering over the Alley Below...

He placed the weights on the inside and said "Lets see
How much you really weigh"

I pleaded that I may weigh a bit more and he said "Shhhhhh, its OK!!!! I always build
in a 10% margin of error" and he quickly un -packed more iron plates in 1 pound sizes and we reached a perfect
NonTeetering equilibrium at precisely 177 lbs... Luckily there was No Wind !

He asked me to put on a MakeShift blind fold. It was an elastic sweat band that athletes wear, He told me to position the Nike Swoosh over my Nose.

He told me that my friends would be joining the birthday party soon and they were required to wear blind folds and that they had 15 minutes to rapidly rummage through the room to look for expensive & precious items that were placed by a Rich Man who was looking to Promote his new line of Diamonds. The guests were also told that this "spectacular" event would be filmed as part of a innovative TV PROMO and that the Diamonds were FREE in exchange for the guests taking part in the TV PROMO....but This was just the kick-off activity planned along with other ZaNy party Games including Nude Twister, Pin the Tail on the ASS, and Strippers Jumping out of a 7-story Cake !

It was predicted that since the Guests were blindfolded and that since there would be a Greedy Inspired,Frenzied Free-For -all that one of them would knock over the 177 Iron Stack and that I would fall to my death from the Chair of Trust...

- to be continued...