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Want to hear a clip of Dr. Laura being racist?

I didn’t really, either. But ... wow. (Lots of N-word in there. May not be SFW.) She’s tried to make nice after the fact and backpedalled. Even her apology is ugly.

So far, she hasn’t been fired. She should absolutely be fired.

The slur—repeated 9, 10 times?—was only part of the fountain of sewage in this radio show. She said the black caller was overly sensitive and shouldn’t have married a white man if she didn’t have a sense of humor. Dr. Laura added that she’d hoped once we had a black president, people would stop whining about race. Also, “don’t NAACP me”?!?

But back to the N-word: It’s not OK to use racial slurs unless the speaker is part of the culture in question and reclaiming that word. The end. I know many people have disappointing opinions to the contrary. In this unmelting melting pot, we should all probably try not to be jerks. Avoiding the N-word and other slurs seems simple enough, but apparently that’s been a real problem for right-wing shock jocks.

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  • Remember Don Imus?  [ Fri Aug 13 2010 1:11 PM ]

    That seems relatively tame compared to this. But does anyone have any doubt that Dr. Laura will keep her job?

  • Stupid Cracker-Ass Bitch  [ Fri Aug 13 2010 1:30 PM ]

    as much as I loathe her, liberal blogger, BartCop hates this nutjob. He does his best to remind people how she slept her way into radio by cheating on her husband with her boss, Bill Ballance. Then to further prove her hypocrisy, she let her 'lover' take a series of nude pics. If you think her words are vile, think twice before checking this kink;


    You have been warned.

  • she's an asshole  [ Fri Aug 13 2010 1:35 PM ]

    A person at an old clinic where I used to work listened to her all the time on the radio. I knew nothing about her, but after hearing her with one or two callers, realized how abusive and sexist and manipulative she is towards others. Her Dr. title should be revoked. The person who listened to her liked her because she "tells it like it is." That's utter baloney. Her "diagnoses" and advice were based on her own delusional ideology, and she's a total pig.

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  • And the way she treats this caller  [ Fri Aug 13 2010 2:07 PM ]

    is hideous. This woman has a legit question, and Dr. L just runs her over and tries to make her feel bad for asking. It's painful to listen to.

  • "Stupid Cracker-Ass Bitch"  [ Fri Aug 13 2010 2:34 PM ]

    But that's OK?

  • "PC Police"  [ Fri Aug 13 2010 3:40 PM ]

    Go tell it to Darren White.

  • It's simple  [ Sat Aug 14 2010 5:59 PM ]

    It's not correct to criticize or use a pejorative at any group that you are not a part of. Simple.



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