Happy Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day. It’s Star Wars Day. Did you know it’s Star Wars Day? It’s celebrated on the 124th day of every year. That allows you to wander around telling strangers, “May the 4th be with you.” According to George Lucas (and what the hell does he know?), the holiday should be celebrated on May 25—the anniversary of the original film’s release in 1977. But that day’s already taken up by Towel Day—a tribute to Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. We can’t have nerds battling it out like that, so Star Wars Day has been moved to May 4. The holiday consists of watching Star Wars movies (of course) and quoting Star Wars dialogue as much as possible. Here’s the official Star Wars site. Here’s a site dedicated to the craptacular Star Wars Holiday Special. Here’s a page full of birds singing Star Wars themes. Happy holiday.