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Welcome Back the Cranes

Saturday, Nov 14: 2015 Return of the Sandhill Crane Celebration


The great naturalist Aldo Leopold wrote of the sandhill crane's "great nobility, won in the march of aeons." This time of year that march brings them to their wintering grounds in the southern United States and northern Mexico, where they congregate in great flocks.

Celebrate the changing of the seasons and the return of these graceful birds to our state at the 2015 Return of the Sandhill Crane Celebration at the Open Space Visitor Center. There will be vendors, viewing and learning opportunities, even tai chi. You can take in the majesty of nature from 9am-5pm this Saturday completely free of charge. Open Space Visitor Center • Sat Nov 14 • 9am-5pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar