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(rescheduled) Dance, Dahling, Dance

Tuesday, Mar 29: DIY Lap Dancing

dave via Morguefile

(Update: this has been rescheduled for May 5.)

This Tuesday evening pull your clumsy and uncoordinated limbs (or maybe really coordinated limbs, I don't know you or your life) together to practice pleasuring your sweetheart with a sexy lap dance. This DIY Lap Dance class is for all genders and all body types so don't let the fear of being judged hold you back, because everyone deserves to feel sexy.

You can learn some super handy (and handsy) techniques while practicing in the safe, encouraging environment that Self Serve is known for. They'll even be teaching some safe chair bondage techniques! All this for $20 is an incredible deal. Be sure to wear some comfy, stretchy clothes (and heels if you so desire, you amazing creature) and get ready to strut and sway the night away.