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Coloring Outside The Lines

Friday, Jun 24: Roy G Biv Reception

Pixabay / Public Domain

Let me clarify for those with any creeping suspicions: Roy G. Biv is/was not a real person. The "name" is a rather misleading arrangement of letters that stands for the colors of the rainbow. Don't be ashamed if this is news to you. If you're like me, the acronym has been seared into your brain since childhood, and you may or may not have made a fool of yourself in the workplace after exclaiming what an interesting guy Mr. Biv was. Even though he wasn't a real dude, Roy G. Biv has made a significant impact on the way artists approach their work.

Artists Jamie Brunson, Robert Townsend and Fausto Fernandez will display their colorful creations on Friday, June 24, at the Roy G. Biv Opening Reception at the Turner Carroll Gallery in Santa Fe. They use color as their visual language to communicate directly through our senses, experimenting with oil paint, watercolor, collage techniques and more. All ages are welcome to this free event. Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe • Fri Jun 24 • 5-7pm • FREE • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar