Event Horizon

Hark! A Shark!

Saturday, Jul 23: Shark Discovery Day

Shark Week may be over, but don't cry—Shark Discovery Day is coming on Saturday, July 23, at the BioPark Aquarium. From 10am-2pm you can learn about sharks from their adaptations to their watery environment to the ancient legends about them. You can even see a variety of these carnivorous fishies swimming around the aquarium like the black tip, sand tiger, sandbar, nurse and zebra sharks. At 10am, head to the aquarium theater for a segment of "NOVA: Why Sharks Attack." The price for all these toothsome activities is included in admission. And don't forget to stick around for feeding time at about 2pm at the shark tank. Chomp! Chomp! ABQ BioPark Aquarium • Sat Jul 23 • 10am-2pm • $0-$20 • View on Alibi calendar