Event Horizon

Lights, Lights, Action!

Saturday, Dec 24: Christmas in Corrales Balloon Glow

Are you like me? Do you hide your love of glowing, shiny things so no one will know what a dummy you really are? Well, now's the time to come out in the open and let the world know: "I'm a sucker for bright lights. Especially at night. Get used to it." Celebrate your newfound freedom at the Christmas in Corrales Balloon Glow, where you can meet up with like-minded individuals and look for lights in the sky. The free, all-ages party starts this Saturday, Dec. 24, at 5pm on the front fields of the Corrales Recreation Center. Corrales Recreational Center, Corrales • Sat Dec 24 • 5-6pm • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar